10 Steps To Set Up a Successful Blog Site

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Remember back when the blogging space wasn’t as crowded? In Nigeria, there were a few blogs out there, there was no Twitter or Facebook, MySpace was cool (HA!) and you could subscribe to your favourite blog via RSS or email newsletters? Back when getting on the front Google page was not like an episode of Game of Thrones; shambolic, complicated and unpredictable.

Now in 2015, starting a blog seems like a piece of cake, with all the platforms having templates and thriving online communities suited to your interests. However, starting a blogging career can still seem overwhelming and intimidating. But have no fear; Ellae Creative is here to help you out through the process. Just follow these quick and easy steps…

  1. Define your blogger goals- First off, identify what you wish to accomplish with your blog site. Are you trying to establish yourself as an expert in a field or are you simply sharing fun ideas and opinions? Write down your short and long term goals, from there write an action plan to achieve these set objectives.
  2. Domain Name- Choose something catchy, memorable and SEO friendly (can easily be found).
  3. What platform to blog from, which is your “WEB HOST”? There are a couple of great platforms to operate your blog from that provide site themes, plug-ins and more, take for example WordPress or BlogSpot. Your web host is the key factor in the outcome of your site’s look and feel.
  4. Know your audience, define your ideal reader- Know who you are writing or gathering content for and give them what they want. Tailor your content to your readership; speak their language, identify their habits and monitor trends within that niche audience.
  5. Add value- your blog is an extension of yourself, your brand, represent yourself as a valued asset to your readers. You have a responsibility to give your readers content that is helpful and insightful that will guarantee their loyalty and long-term patronage to your blog and brand.
  6. Strategic Content- Really it is all about being interesting, engaging and consistent. Put out certain material with an end goal in mind. Be it for shares, likes or for the commentary, intentional content is like marketing your brand. Put it out there, watch the people chatter.
  7. User friendly- Make your blog easy to maneuver with all the blog site “touch points” in clear sight. By “touch points” we mean; newsletter sign up portal, contact info, search bar etc. By being user-friendly, you retain readership n your blog site. No one will leave in annoyance because they cannot find your search bar and through a user-friendly blog, you can easily prompt readers to engage with your content.
  8. In light of this Google Algorithm update, it is in your best interest to make your blog mobile-friendly as well so as to be compatible with Google and their search engine requirements. This way your SEO performance wont be affected by any updates and changes on the backend.
  9. Visibility- Website plug-ins and PPC tools are your friends! A blogs success is heavily dependent on your visibility online. With social book marking and placing blog links and excerpt on your social media, you help with the traffic and build a community dedicated to your industry and blog site. Try out Google Analytics for WordPress for size! It takes only a few seconds to install.
  10. Be Original, be yourself! Tell the story from your perspective, put your twist on issues and topics you find interesting. This leaves room for community interaction, conversation and ultimately a viral blog.



Please do not assume readership will increase over night or the chatter around your content will begin almost immediately. A blog life cycle is long and usually takes a while to get off the ground.

But the key to a successful, active blog is patience, content and consistency. Keep pushing; keep putting your thoughts out there and blog from the heart.  

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