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Attempting to Freelance? Before you take that next important step, ensure you are fully prepared.

In this great city of Lagos, graphic artists are a dime a dozen. Anything from corporate logos plastered on billboards lining the expressway, to the printed images on the merchandise sold by street hawkers. The work and influence of graphic designers can be found all around us. But what sets an artist apart from the rest? Whether artists are born or reared, here are 10 undeniable traits of a GREAT graphic artist….

  • Artistic Skill– A great graphic artist should be familiar with a variety of artistic skills.
  • Adjust to your Client– A great graphic artist is aware of their clients vision, needs and expectations. Endeavour to work easily with clients; listen and gain the trust of your client or team members. After all, you are the expert.
  • Be Aware of your Audience: To be a great, not good, but great graphic artist; you have to be conscious of who is receiving your work. Is the work for children? For a Yacht Club? Who will interact regularly with the logo and brand? Ask yourself these questions before you take on a graphic art task.
  • Be Aware of Strategy: So! What’s the plan? Work closely with your client to understand their marketing and advertising goals. From there you should be able to develop strategic images and push out killer graphic designs!
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit– You cannot be the best at your own business with a 9 to 5 approach to business. There shall be no off days! Work over time, be respectful of deadlines and be as helpful as possible to streamline responsibilities and ultimately help your client grow their business.
  • Imagination– Embrace the colours you see when you close your eyes. A graphic artists imagination can set he or she apart in a sea of many. Acknowledge trends but stay inspired by anything and everything!
  • Presentation Skills– As a representative of a brands internal staff and ideologies, your work has to be sharp and well put together. You need to be able to communicate a brands vision to the best of your ability.
  • Teamwork, makes The Dream work– Like your clients, it is in your best interest to get along with your teammates. You are the one bringing their vision to life. If you do not understand them or at odds with them it will reflect in your work, a great disconnect.
  • Technologically Savvy– In other words, be a techie! To be a great graphic artist, one has to be versed in a number of applications, software and should be able to learn more to improve the quality of your designs. A great graphic artist never stops learning!
  • Take it Easy and Stay Motivated– In this world of various individuals; you will come across opinions that differ from your own. See them as that, opinions. Design is subjective, address your critics professionally and be willing to present other design options and push your skills to the limit.

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We also welcome any additional tips from the online Graphic Art community. Comment below and tell us what makes a great graphic artist, or join the conversation on Twitter using the hash tag #Learn2Earn.

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