15 Great Tips To Help YOU Kick-Start Your Digital Marketing Career

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We have put together a comprehensive list of tips for anyone to use when venturing into the field of digital marketing. We live in a new business climate where there are no longer rules and the space to create and market is limitless. Kick-start your digital career today with Ellae Creative!


  1. An understanding of the Internet and social media.


  1. An eagerness to learn, online everything is fast paced and competitive.


  1. Willingness to adapt, things are always changing online.


  1. Always explore and stay updated on industry news


  1. A basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


  1. Network and the willingness to make connections.


  1. Tenacity, with digital marketing nothing is either black or white.


  1. Learn terminology such as PPC (Pay Per Click), Inbound and Outbound Marketing, Viral and more.


  1. It all starts with you; display your online expertise through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn or a blog. Take the INITIATIVE.


  1. If you wish to be on the more technical side of Digital Marketing, it is advisable you acquire some Web Design and Development knowledge as well.


  1. Understand analytics; all that great content needs to be tracked and recorded.


  1. Step away from the computer and step out. Networking does not stop at hitting the follow button and sharing content. Go for events; let people know what you do.


  1. Get your certification game up! Look to get certified in areas such as AdWords, Google Analytics, AdSense and more. This will help when attempting to maneuver the clutter that is an online search engine.


  1. Get creative and stay diverse! Under digital marketing is the job role of a content developer. Remember to stay fresh, curious and wide-eyed, excellent copyrighting on a daily basis can be tiring.


  1. Always remember to ask for help. No one knows it all, if you are more of a techy seek the advise of a content developer. If you are more creative, reach out to digital strategists. Teamwork makes the dream work!
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