16 Top Social Media Slangs & Terms YOU Should Know About In 2015

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For all those who may not be familiar with the online space, it is best we touch up on popular terms, words and acronyms used to communicate on social media. So grab a cup of something hearty and let us get into it!



A term used casually in light-friendly conversation, used in social media posts as a label or can be found on your keyboard. Want your tweet to stand out and draw in an audience? Well hit that hashtag!



A term of endearment used on social media or in casual banter amongst youth.



An acronym for “Laugh Will Kill Me Die”, the Nigerian cousin of LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and LMAO (Laughing My *** Off).



A term used on many new media channels by young and old users alike as well as brands. TGIF simply means, “Thank Goodness Its Friday”.


Throwback Thursday

No, do not throw things at people. Throwback Thursday is a post that depicts an “oldie” or nostalgia. Have a picture in your old secondary school sports kit? That’s a throwback!



An acronym for “God Go Make You Bigger”. Simply a greeting or hailing one may give a friend or respected peer.



You never too old to crush on someone or admire him or her. An acronym for “Women Crush Wednesdays”, “Man Crush Mondays”.



An acronym for “Direct Message”, a place where one can send private messages via Twitter.



A form of exclamation to depict shock and/or surprise.



An acronym for “Long Life And Prsperity”.



An acronym for “ReTweet”, an act of re-sharing a tweet unto your timeline and to your followers.



An acronym for “Never Mind”.



An acronym for “To Be Honest”.



A term used to describe a titillating, exciting visual. Can either be an object of affection or an experience.



A form of exclamation affirming, “enough said”.



An urban slang used to describe close friends and family.



You see those fun, yellow, smiley face things you see everywhere? Those are called EMOJISSSSS 😀 😁 😂 😃 😄 😅 😆 😇

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