4 Social Media Marketing Trends You Need to Know

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Social Media is reportedly currently having over 2.5 billion active users with Facebook, you can be sure to expect more from it and it is more than just another posting and sharing platform. 21st-century brands are trying each day to keep up with different updates on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn amongst others.

Moreso, big brands are already leveraging on these social platforms by making use of features like live video, engaging influencers, and personalized updates.

However, brands should embrace a paradigm shift from just social content and sharing, with a new blend of the following social marketing trend.

1. The “BUY” Call to Action

The buy button came into being to monetize social media. It’s time for the next level.

Buying will start to happen over the social media channel itself. There will be no need to visit the website. Consumers just have to hit a button on Pinterest or Facebook Ad to complete a purchase. Consumers will be able to check the best deals and get familiar with the product/ service over the social media channel. Even if social media is not one of the most effective selling channels, it is definitely a critical influence for your consumers.

“Buy” “Buy”, it’s everywhere.

2. Social Connection at Work

Organizations have long curbed their workforce from using social media at work. Then came smartphones and they no longer could be stopped. With the growing importance of connectedness, collaboration and to have a productive workplace, organizations will allow social media access at work. There are tools, like Slack, Asana, which allows collaboration and sharing of information (which includes images, documents, etc.) and makes it faster than internal emails. Given the growing need, even Facebook for Works will aim to provide a platform for business professionals to give them an opportunity to collaborate and share information.

3. Social Chat Bots

How can social media be unaffected with Artificial Intelligence in the future? Chatbots, which will become popular in case of social media channels, use Artificial Intelligence to imitate a conversation that a human can have. As chatbots are evolving and becoming more intelligent, they can interpret what a user is saying, and can send pictures and videos instead of just text.

Facebook Messenger is already using 30,000 chatbots and it is already becoming a preferred option to interact with many of their consumers. Directly sending a message to your potential buyer and having a more intimate interaction enhances the likelihood of pushing them to make a buy.

4. Think mobile first

There are two major benefits if you have a mobile-friendly website – firstly you will have increased visitors as most as mobile traffic is overtaking desktop traffic. It will also impact the popularity of your social media channels. With Google’s mobile-first web indexing, it will be all the more important to have an astounding mobile experience for your website.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website yet, pull up your socks.

There are new and emerging social media platforms every now and then. Businesses can’t jump on all of them and start promoting their business. There has to be an understanding of the business, the best-suited platform as per the nature of the business and planned promotion using the platform.

Get social media ready with our experts who can drive your business ahead. Speak to us today.

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