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Like many individuals, professionals always strive to push the envelope and pursue a calling whole-heartedly. So why stop at Graphic Design or Web Design? Many young Nigerians are currently dabbling into the field of animation for its exclusivity and infamy. From animation we can get anything; from business advertising to full fledged animated movie reels.

So as we move deeper into the digital age, audiences are becoming increasingly hard to appease. The demand for sophisticated designs and performance is inevitable. Here are some trusty tips to keep your skills up to date and your audience yearning for more. For all we know, some great Nigerian animated epic can be spawned from this article!😅 😆

  1. Design frame for frame, phrase for phrase. When your animated subject is in motion it is best to be captured in wider, full framed shots for smooth transitioning.
  1. For combat clips or any form of contact with your animated character, it is best to avoid “keying” the whole animation at the point of contact. This way your animation looks more realistic. For example, your character picks up a cup; animate the hand so it goes through the cup, overshooting the contact area while still looking neat.
  1. Facial expressions in animated characters have more to do with MOTION than posing. Don’t put your character into static, interchangeable poses to depict emotion as that is unrealistic; it is best to add movement to their faces. Lip quivering, enlarging the eyes, eye brow twitching and more are great ways to convey emotion in your animated characters. Remember the more life-like the animation, the better!
  1. Try turning off your characters dialogue during test runs. Observe the motion of your animated characters without that excellent dialogue or witty exchange. Each facet of your animation piece should be as strong as the other.
  1. Remember to stay within the field you are most comfortable, perfecting your skills before you advance. Brush up your skills with sketches and illustrations, advance to 2-D animation; play around with 3-D and so on. The willingness to put your self out there and learn will surely pay off!
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