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In today’s robust digital ecosystem, Twitter has emerged as a strategic platform for marketing and communication purposes. News no longer breaks, it gets tweeted ! Now what does this mean? It simply means that there is a lot of audience sharing information readily on the platform on a daily basis.

To become highly visible to your unique set of audience on Twitter can be challenging given the enormous rate at which content are churned on a regular basis on the platform but it not an impossible feat. A lot of brands have successfully connected with their audience and made a solid impression in their industry on the platform and so in this post we shall enumerate some of the strategies that you can deploy to become influential on Twitter.


Twitter is first and foremost a social media and what this means is that you should not make your posts all about your business. People want to have fun and interact when they get online. Your business could be missing out a great if it publishes mostly business news. This is because such posts usually have low engagement.

However sharing motivational, factual or humour themed updated has proven over time to increase engagement value. So it is worth it to create a content calendar around those themes that your audience like and plan your posts weeks ahead. That way you can establish consistency.


Twitter was the first social media that showed the powerful nature of  Hashtags. It is an effective way to start up conversations and create ripples all over the platform. Your brand can become influential when it gets associated with a particular hashtag that lots of users saw and participated in.

A good example of how hashtag can influence the way users perceive a brand was the #ThingsIlongthroatfor campaign by Pepsi Nigeria.

It has been hailed in various media outlets as one of the most successful Campaigns on Twitter yet for a Nigerian audience. This was largely due to the fact the hashtag Trended on Twitter for up to a 30 day period engaging millions of Nigerians in a very fun manner.

Participating in Hashtags created by other people could also be an important strategy. When your brand adds meaningful tweets to such contents it enhances your visibility.


It is now the worst kept secret on Twitter that an easy way to increase engagement is via questionaires. Even though this has been thoroughly abused a lot, it is still an effective strategy that has worked for a lot of brands . You can host one of these session once a month and ask your audience to provide answers to your industry related questions while you reward them for their efforts. This is how you can gain their trust and maintain your influence in your niche.


When it comes to following back, a lot of brands think it is not important. That all they need to do is follow some accounts that are strategic to their business and then not bother with other ones following them. Imagine the message your brand could be passing if it has like 30,000 followers and is following only 5 back. Unfriendly ? Yes! that’s right

But as much as you need to follow back accounts that follow you, you would want to keep an eye on the follower/following ratio. You wouldn’t want to be following more accounts than are following you.

It is not a race to get the highest number of followers, it is about creating real value that sets your brand apart. That is the only way to become influential


Yes Twitter is a platform where you can post updates frequently but that does not mean that you have to saturate timelines with constant updates every hour. It is recommended best practise to post a maximum of 6 tweets daily. Posting 10 tweets or more daily may not be acceptable for a brand but perhaps for an individual account.

In connecting with your audience, you must establish what they like and aim to fulfil that promise. So keep it useful, keep it regular but not spammy. That is how to continously engage with an audience that believes in your brand.

Do you have any contribution to the above topic? kindly use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We always look forward to hearing from you

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