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The general idea of this write up is simply, “sink or swim”; a brand MUST be agile. Brands are presently being encouraged to leverage on new thinking and break out of their comfort zones. To stay relevant in this new globalised market; simply follow these 5 simple paths to success… 

  1. It is not about the customers seeking your services out any longer, YOU must seek out customers on their terms and in their own comfort zone. Think beyond a discount, your brand must switch its core values to keep up with the times and attitudes of the people.
  1. Target individuals beyond your product demography, for example Knorr seasoning cubes that once would target females in Nigeria to patronize their brand have begun to reach out to other target groups in the market. Incorporating celebrity chefs and personalities such as “Chef Fregz” into their recent campaigns have opened doors for them in the restaurant industry as well as among entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and both genders. maxresdefault (1)
  1. Take a step further into the unknown; your brand should not be afraid to let it all hang out and have fun. Do you have any current CSR schemes in place, what sort of engaging activity can be put together for the general public? Tap into your target audience and find out what new product or service YOU can provide. For example, Coca Cola found a new way to reach out to fans other than through the cool beverage. The Coke Studio show is a big hit in Nigeria and many other African countries, Coke seamlessly tied the simple engagement back to their core brand values. This is also a great method to reach a whole new customer base.                                                                                                Coke-Studio-October-2013-BellaNaija
  1. Embrace Social Media and be unconventional with it! With wit, humor and constant engagement it has been proven through research that brand evangelicals spend more annually on a brands products than passive consumers. Always on the ball in regards to the digital space, GT Bank of Nigeria constantly push fun, engaging information that their followers honestly find entertaining, understand and care for.                                                                                                                    11061243_10153527479864131_8659093566574974795_n
  1. Always give consumers the unexpected; break conventions and excite your consumers. After a stint in the highly competitive, globalised dental market Close Up decided to rise up and do the unexpected. Reaching out to all individuals, they invited over 10,000 people of all ages, races and genders to the Lagos city landmark Teslim Balogun stadium. On the 4th of July 2013, Close Up did break the World Record, placing the Nigerian brand and its countrymen in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records.                                                                                                                                    download

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