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The key to any great web design is functionality, presentation and responsiveness. However, through our endless nights of web crawling and surfing, I am sure we have come across a couple of websites that were below par. With a bad web page usually comes bad brand perception; imagine a customer skimming through your web page, in search of something, utterly frustrated. And the customer’s main hindrance is not NEPA (Nigerian Electric Power Authority) or impending bills, its your website.

Have a peruse through the listed points below and find out where your brand web page stands with a customer, is your business page guilty of any of these points? And if you are a web designer guilty of these stated errors, we do not know what to tell you, but do better (-_-).

  1. Low-resolution images, blurry or fuzzy pictures. If your web page is heavily dependent on image content, please stay away from pictures that are not clear or highly pixelated. To avoid these occurrences, ask your web designer to save the image as a JPEG file before uploading unto your web page. Text based images should be saved as PNG.
  1. An inaccurate search bar. This is not Windows circa 1996. Your search engine bar must always be accurate, suggesting the exact search prompted. A time when a collection of pages and sites did not link to each other, if your web page has a large amount of content, this is a feature that needs to be monitored very closely.
  1. Illegible fonts. Choose clear fonts of a considerable size to convey your brand message. If we have to squint at your home page header, we may have a problem. The best fonts used for website design are Verdana, Georgia, Museo Sans and more. We at Ellae Creative will offer free font downloads in the coming weeks, watch this space!
  1. Make sure your website is mobile responsive. Positive we have mentioned this point in 5 other blog posts, but it is true! The average Nigerian spends more than 16 hours a day on their mobile phone or mobile devices browsing, only a fraction of the population browse via their desktops. To ignore the mobile users, is ignoring a huge chunk of potential customers. Your web page MUST be mobile responsive.
  1. Inaccessible touch points. All hyperlinks and key web touch points like “contact”, “about” and more should work effortlessly and be understandable. Dead links, dead ends and excess manoeuvring is honestly a peeve to many website users.

So take the time to investigate your website, is it bringing you business or putting customers off? Your web page should be an extension of your brand and business. A pleasant introduction and user experience would definitely bring about referrals, customer retention, an increased SEO performance and general all round goodness for your business.

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