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Apply these simple tasks to your day-to-day life and watch your design skills improve like never before! 

  1. Practice your Typography. Look up new letterings and try to recreate your favourite quotes in these fonts. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Most graphic artists started out scribbling, use and hone your preliminary skills to improve your design work. When you are done, see how creative you can get with your scribbles on Photoshop!
  3. Logo Design. The fundamentals of graphic design is logo making. In your spare time, choose 5 friends and design personal logos that best describe them as personal brands and individuals.
  4. Photo Manipulation. Going back to Adobe Photoshop, use the software to produce the wackiest concepts you can think of. They do not have to make sense; the best pieces of artwork are frequently the most misunderstood.
  5. Surround yourself with creative people. Motivate yourself and be in the company of equally positive and creative people, who will challenge your perceptions and share concepts. These creative people will challenge you intellectually as well as creatively, helping you grow and view your work objectively.
  6. Master the rules, and then break them! To be innovative and ground breaking, you have to be able to think outside the box, leave the crowd. Break from the norm, adapt or develop new alternatives to existing ideas. To excel and conquer, you must break free from the status quo.

It takes consistency and perseverance to come out as a great graphic designer. For more information on Graphic Design, connect with Ellae Creative and share our thoughts with your friends and followers. We also have training courses for those who wish to begin a graphic design career, simply click (here). Stay tuned for more updates and guides on empowering the growing Nigerian youth and the digital space!

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