6 Common Typography Mistakes Made By Web Designers – And How To Avoid Them!

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Get your web skills in check today, are you guilty of these mistakes? Read through so that you may correct these errors and design responsive and effective websites.

  1. Using Fonts Found On Microsoft: Gone are the days web designers used system fonts such as Cambria, Georgia, Times, and Arial to design. A new batch of typefaces optimized for screens and websites are readily available for download or subscription.
  1. BackUps: Web Fonts are great in terms of how diverse they can be, however it is always advisable to have backup. Some browsers do not support certain web fonts, this is where backup of “fallback choices” come into play. These will usually cost you but they are well worth the coin!
  1. Monotone: Play around with fonts on your web page, but not too much where it borders on chaotic or clumsy. Switch up your style and mix fonts so as to increase usability, create hierarchy and give site visitors cues. By cues we mean, when they are in sections and reading subtext, let a reader subconsciously be aware. Refer to the image below as an example.
  1. Be Mindful Of Details: Please do not use a dollar sign or capital letter “N” when trying to convey a NAIRA sign. As a designer you must be mindful of details, use correct punctuation; a semi colon is a semi colon, a colon is a colon. Do not mix and match the two.
  1. Typos, Spelling and Grammar: Another aspect to minding details, you must be wary of typos and always double check. To keep clients happy and to incur recommendations, you must be alert and pay attention to the task at hand. To make the process simple, use Microsoft Word or Google Docs for their inbuilt spell check and grammar reviews.
  1. Beware of Pirates (Pirate Fonts): Please use fonts that the source can be traced, that you paid for or were authorized to download. Also check and see if the fonts you downloaded have been authorized to be used on a website. Please do your research prior to using fonts for commercial use or be liable for piracy case on your head. No do not YIMU, this is to be taken seriously. Everything can be traced online these days, no one wants his or her hard work scrutinized and scrapped just because a precaution was overlooked.

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