6 Global Marketing Trends To Dominate the Nigerian Market In 2015

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The basics surrounding marketing will forever remain the same; however as we venture towards a more globalised community and modes of communication continue to change at a rapid pace. Innovative brand marketers are aware of this fact and strive to always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to market trends. Kindly find below a list of six marketing trends WE believe will dominate the Nigerian branding arena in 2015 and 2016:

  • Transparency will matter more than any deal or package a business can fathom. The first rule of excellent customer service simply states, “the customer always comes first, your customers are always right”, that is certainly the mantra in todays digital world. Customers and potential consumers alike are in position through social media, blogs and in general the Internet, to exert power and authority. Very few Nigerian companies are warming to this notion but can use this to their advantage. Give an accurate and authentic picture of your brand and what your company culture is. Utilise avenues such as CSR campaigns to present yourselves in a good light to consumers and ALWAYS be at their beck and call, no matter what.
  • A focus on Internal Company Communication. Internal company communication will be leveraged upon as a marketing asset; businesses will look to their employees to serve as brand ambassadors. Take for example the employees who never break character or literally live and breathe the business during company hours.
  • Going Mobile. The importance of mobile in the realm of marketing will continue to rise as the years go on. In Nigeria we have an estimate of 86 million mobile Internet subscribers and users, the market continues to grow and marketers are keying into this growth. Spending on mobile ads has already begun and businesses are beginning to take notice of this shift in consumer behavior. It is said that mobile usage will take over desktop use in 2016, disrupting the realms of web design and PPC Advertising. For more on mobile responsive websites and ad display please click HERE.
  • Generally going “programmatic”. By saying the world of marketing is going programmatic, we simply mean an array of technologies that have been automated to replace human-based marketing methods. No thanks to the emergence and growing importance of digital marketing, marketers argues its efficiency, accuracy and speed. Marketers and corporate communication representatives in 2015 will be prompted to have digital knowledge or skills.
  • Ready access to free content. Gone are the days big brands spent billions on television adverts, now Nigerian businesses are taking advantage of online streaming services and the SHARE button. With television viewers take in the content in passing, but with free online streaming, consumers can deliberately create brand awareness through shares, likes and clicks.
  • A shift in target market, people are getting older. As millenials (born between the mid 1980’s and the early 2000’s) approach their thirties their tastes and needs shall change, hence shall the tone and approach of marketers. And also marketers will begin to think and plan for the new generation of consumers as they enter the market. Due to better data and market research tools available, marketers and corporate communications representatives have the ability to connect with these potential customers.


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