6 Things You Need to Know Before You Launch Your Business Web Page

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Designing a webpage can be a long and tedious process. Most times business owners prefer to stay out of loop and leave the designing solely to the professionals. However, it is advisable that you get clued up about certain aspects of your webpage design process. With knowledge is power and you are less likely to overlook the main components of the site that go way beyond pictures and domain names.

Below are 6 checklists to make the web design process easier, more organised and also more effective for your business.

  1. COHERENCE. What is the main objective with your business webpage and how long does it take a visitor to get it? Really should not surpass 5 seconds. People should understand your webpage mission at a glance.
  1. NAVIGATION. There is nothing worse than having people feel stuck or overwhelmed when they hit your webpage. A good webpage is easy to maneuver, clear and the LINKS WORK (ahem!). To all those websites with dead hyperlinks floating around out there, we judge you.
  1. LAYOUT & TYPOGRAPHY. One would assume this particular tip resonated more with steadfast web design fanatics than laymen. This is by far the case. Did you know that certain fonts, colours and web page arrangements could have direct effects on moods? Typography conveys emotion; for example, notice how most newspapers use Times New Roman? That is to express formality. Your paragraphs and spacing also need to be monitored as tight paragraphs with little space can be off putting to readers. Eventually your webpage can be deemed “hard to maneuver” by potential customers.
  1. CONTENT. Do not bombard your web page with excess write-ups and words. Keep it simple with important tag lines and catch phrases that best represent your company or cause. Remember, content can be viewed as a taster into the core of a brand. So… disjointed content eventually means no webpage hits.

PSA: We noticed a lot of web designers based in Nigeria, West Africa; still recommend FLASH based webpages. This is not advisable as this is what a standard flash based web page on a mobile device looks like (CLICK HERE)  

This is the last thing you need, especially in the age of webpage mobile compatibility. Kindly read up further on this (CLICK HERE)  

  1. LOAD TIME. Check how long it takes for your website to load up. Standard load up time should be 5 seconds. However, we understand that our Internet connections in Nigeria can be touch and go, do not be discouraged. Internet aside, you can control the load time of your web pages by simply checking images and sizing on your site. If the images you placed there are too large (roughly between 40 and 60 KB), chances are your webpage will move at Snail Warp speed.
  1. SEO CHECK. Make sure all your metrics and Google AdWords are working. Weed out all the online distractions by using carefully selected keywords, now whoever searches your business, industry or services online will have a clear view of your webpage.

For further information to help YOU on your SME or freelance career, stay tuned for more posts! Or for a one-on-one interaction with our experts, have a look at our Training Programme (HERE)  or schedule a consultation (HERE). With Ellae Creative Branding Agency, make the next, crucial step an easy one.

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