6 Tips For Writing Emails, Getting More Clicks, Opens and Feedback

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Email Marketing is relatively straight forward, but most businesses have the issue with opt-ins and engagements. We cannot control human beings, but here are some tips that we can definitely use to by-pass them!😋

  1. Create an interesting and engaging subject line- In Nigeria we understand that the stress is intense and the last thing people really want is an inbox full of long-winded emails. From the start, play on the needs and curiosity of your audience and grab their attention with a subject line that sticks. It is advisable to stick to conversational, personal lines that are inviting. Stay clear of words that may incite fear of parting with money and test, test, test!
  1. Keep your write up personal, the more personal and direct the email is the more likely they will be opened. Attempt to use the recipients name in your email opening, this attention and familiarity will engross readers and have them excited to receive emails from your brand.
  1. Make your content exclusive, engaging and entertaining. Avoid sales pitches and proposals that may be readers off, remember we do not want any content that directly incites parting with money (Heaven forbid that!).
  1. Make sure you send the email newsletter as a person and not the company name. It can be quite daunting to see an official email from a company if the company in question isn’t retail; automatically it is marked as an advert or sales pitch. Use a name instead it is more personal and most likely would be opened.
  1. Send your company emails at the right time. Do not send a chatty, informative email newsletter on a Monday morning when most individuals are in morning meetings or just honestly cranky. Experiment with days and times to see what time is best for your target audience.
  1. Segment your email list and send content based on groups and individuals. For example, we at Ellae Creative send out email newsletters for different industries and specialties. We would not send an email for a Design competition to our finance list and vice versa. Give your audience what they need!

Hopefully this write up was useful to you and your business. If you have another tip to contribute to this list, kindly share, your input is always welcome!

At Ellae Creative we strive to please our clients and always look to create original, creative and unforgettable marketing strategy. For more information kindly click HERE and schedule a sit down with our readily available team of experts. Allow us assist in taking your brand to the next level on any playing field. Remember to always trust Ellae Creative; we have always got you covered! 

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