6 Tips To Start An Influential Marketing Career

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Do you want to be the go to person online for an industry you are passionate about? Are you trying to become a social media influencer? You are in luck; in this article, Ellae Creative will share 6 great tips that can help YOU get started on your career as an online influential marketer.

  1. What’s Your Focus?

To become a great social media influencer and marketer, you must identify and specify what niche you wish to delve into. Be careful to not cast a wide net and venture into different topics and industries. You do not want to be perceived by online users and brand representatives as a “Jack of All Trades” but “a master of none”.


  1. Stay One Step Ahead

In the world of digital marketing and content development, there is a lot of creativity involved as well as technical prowess. Stay atop of the latest tech updates such as algorithm updates, new data mining applications, updated platform features and more. Keep tabs on everything to do with making your job seamless.


  1. Read & Research Relevant Content, Platforms Daily

To build up further on the previous point, read other valuable content about your niche and industry from around the world. Study the news, gather case studies and shadow expert personalities in your chosen niche. By using online tools such as Feedly, Bloglovin’ and many more, you have the advantage of having all your favourite content and subscriptions stored on one platform.


  1. Set Topic & Keyword Alerts

Track all information regarding your niche market, other influencers and brand material by using tools such as Google Alerts  or Social Mention. This goes back to always staying one step ahead within your desired industry.


  1. Share & Retweet Relevant, Up-to-Date Content From Within Your Industry

Once you have narrowed down your interests, be it entertainment, brand CSR, events, weddings; and you are monitoring keywords, what next? Simply take up the habit of regularly disseminating relevant content, retweeting high value content. To be viewed as an online influencer people, brands need to see your value and be convinced that you will bring in the right traffic to their platforms.


  1. Always Be Seen

And finally, always be where the action is when interacting within your desired niche. Continue to strive to be front and centre without looking like your “trolling” or “spamming” timelines as that can be off putting. Connect with people; show you are not an online BOT, Spam or dormant page by tweeting back and contributing to hot topics and trends.


Follow these 6 methods to also grow your follower-ship ORGANICALLY. Remember the more followers you have, the higher the chances of you effectively driving traffic for big brands and events.

If you wish to take the next step in acquiring core digital marketing skills, either to work with a brand as an influencer or grow your own business, click HERE for information on how to join our world-class training programme.

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