6 Ways to Succeed at Online Customer Retention

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When brands and businesses move into the online space, engaging and participating in activity, it is normal for some customers to get lost in the mix. The average brand loses about 15 to 20 per cent of its customers and followers due to inadequate attention to detail, online protocol and/or poor customer relation. Some Nigerian businesses understand the concept of customer retention and online customer relations. 

While most brands see the loss of followers as a chance to throw in the towel or splurge on an elaborate online campaign to attract more followers, the procedure is very simple. We at Ellae Creative will introduce you to a few customer retention strategies that will cost your brand little to no money and increase online interaction with your brand.

  1. Stand for something: What makes your brand different from the rest? Yes, you offer great products and services, but there has to be more to your brand. Think about your personal beliefs or CSR initiatives to help you come up with a company backstory. A study by the Corporate Executive Board, U.S.A; showed that 7,000 participants felt like they had a strong connection to brands that shared the same values they held dearly.
  1. Frequent Communications Calendar: Look through your communications or content calendar. It is a programmed sequence of website links, sales pitches, special offers and what not? People online do not respond to this sort of content positively, as a matter of fact, they do not respond at all to this sort of material. Personal acknowledgments, “thank you’s”, follow ups, follow backs, likes, event highlights are great ways to show your customers that you care about their opinion towards your brand.
  1. UPS/ Upstanding, Personal Service to the customer: Brands pursue excellence when it comes to their services and products, the same should be said for customer service. Your business has to be fully dedicated to customer satisfaction, every employee should run by a code of conduct, connecting with customers and making them feel important at each contact. Excellent customer care builds fortunes in repeat customers, while poor service will drive customers right into the arms of your enemy; your competitors (da-da-da-DUM!).
  1. Product and service integrity: Integrity is everything when it comes to business. Customers will be attracted to your brand once you are open and honest with them. If something is not in stock, please say so. If your customers are unhappy with their product experience, show genuine remorse and aim to go above and beyond to appease.
  1. Reduce pain points and friction: Brands will encounter different types of customers during the course of their existence. A great amount of buyers a brand will encounter will be conservative spenders, “tightwads” or “ijebu’s”, as Nigerian vernacular goes. Reframe your online sales strategies to not be as grating, recommend using “bundles” and reassuring words such as “… a small fee of…”.
  1. Reach out to the prodigal sons: Reach out to dormant customers, there will still be some aspect to them that still will patronize your brand. This is heavily dependent on how your brand has behaved during the course of your online activity. If your brand has not been too naughty, it is possible to reconnect with dormant or disillusioned customers. Find out where the relationships went sour and work towards rebuilding the relationship. These purposeful strides, once done right, can lead to an increase in sales, revenue and a batch of new loyal, satisfied customers.
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