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There is always a new product or brand on the block, but you wonder what is the secret to their success? Let Ellae Creative take you into the world of branding and marketing, here are 15 solid methods to create awareness for your brand or product prior to launching…

  1. The Dripping Tap- A slow, controlled reveal over time. Give the public just a little to spark their interest, but do not give them too much, keep them yearning for more till your launch event! Best to use when you have an avid fan base or if your launching a brand or product with a notable high interest, e.g. Restaurants, Clubs, Beverages etc
  1. The Ripple Effect- Get certain influencers or key personalities in your field to endorse the product. That stamp of approval will get the public buzzing and exciting. Take for example, Sweet Kiwi Frozen Yoghurt, Lekki Lagos has a long list of celebrity supporters. Or Google Glass in the wake of it launch, sought the help of 4,000 individuals to help launch the innovative technology to the general public.
  1. Grass Roots, Take It To The Streets! Pull support for your product launch from your existing fan base. Let your followers and supporters rant and rave about your new products. The best way to achieve such strong support is through social media, where everyone is in charge of their own space and content.
  1. Shock Value: For the more adventurous brands, shock value through experiential marketing is always a good way to go. Have the experience and promise of the product be engrained in the minds of consumers, making them anticipate your launch.
  1. Live Unveiling- This works best for IT, automotive, gaming or generally consumer electronics. Remember how the late but great Steve Jobs unveiled the IPad at a press launch in 2010? That was an awe inspiring moment that had people on television and at the launch itching to get their hands on the device.
  1. Sampling: This would be a great way to launch a culinary product or electronics. Invite people to experience the product in its element, allow consumers have an honest opinion and connection to the product before it hits shelves.
  1. The Mad Rush- Create the impression that the product in question is limited after the hype and anticipation. For example, the Lagos based confectionary Hans and Rene recently opened its doors to a slew of ice cream lovers. The demand for their services and desserts have increased over time as they close their doors very early, literally making consumers who have heard about the brand plan their day around Hans and Rene.
  1. The Turn Up- Make a HUGE show of your product launch. Consider utilizing all media outlets and platforms from television to radio to social media. Note that this would be expensive and unfortunately conventional, it always great to make an impression while creating awareness, you have to remember to be memorable!

At Ellae Creative we strive to please our clients and always look to create original, creative and unforgettable marketing strategy. For more information kindly click HERE and schedule a sit down with our readily available team of experts. Allow us assist in taking your brand to the next level on any playing field. Remember to always trust Ellae Creative; we have always got you covered! 

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