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This is a guest contribution from Susan Smith of idigicnet

Instagram has become one of the biggest and most followed social media platforms. Many businesses are solely focused on LinkedIn and Facebook, but Instagram if used correctly, can bring you great online social media success.

If you have an Instagram account and are posting snaps regularly, then you are off to a good start. However, this is only half the battle, as you need to get more followers. Check out the tips below which can put you on the right track towards gaining a large Instagram following.

1)  Using Hashtags

Did you know that hashtags are one of the best methods to increase your exposure and engage your audience? However, keep in mind that it is easy to become a hashtag abuser, something that will create an opposite effect on your audience as well as a community.

To get the best out of the hashtags, you need to follow certain guidelines –

  • Avoid being specific while using hashtags
  • Try to come up with unbranded and relevant hashtags
  • Avoid catering hashtags to the social platform you are using
  • Don’t opt for too long or too short hashtags


(Using Hashtag)

2) Adding Epic Content

For a massive Instagram following, you need to follow a simple rule. Post high-quality photos and videos on social media, all the time. Don’t post randomly or once a week. You need to be consistent in adding new content and try to make sure that it is of high resolution and quality.

Most social media experts recommend posting once or two times a day. Sometimes you may be low on content or not have anything to post. In such situations, you can get permission to share photos and content from other accounts having a large number of followers. Here you are maintaining consistency in posting content as well as building relationships with other Instagram users.

3) Host A Takeover

One of the simplest methods to connect with other people of your community is by hosting an Instagram takeover. Here you invite employees, influencers, and active members to control your Instagram feed for a day.

Various social media goals can be achieved from this takeover, such as boosting audience engagement, building an authentic brand voice, and getting more Instagram followers.

4) Motivational And Captivating Captions

The right caption can go a long way, so you must ensure that it is used to your advantage. Try to determine if your subject matter needs a long or short caption and try to make sure that you are consistent with your messages going forward.  




(Writing Interesting Captions)

The captions that you write must do four things – motivate, captivate, inspire and provide users an experience through the video or photo. You might feel that posting motivational content on social media is a cliché; still, it brings massive engagement, and if you are not able to motivate your followers, then they will go to another account.

5) Have Contests

Everybody loves free things. Running contests on Instagram is one of the best methods to attract new followers to your brand’s page and even to reward current followers. Some of contest ideas you can try on your Instagram platform are-

  • ‘Select Your Own Adventure’ contests
  • Commenting Contests
  • ‘Like To Win’ Contests


(Photo Contest)

6) Using The Correct Emojis

Whether you hate or love them, there is no denying the fact that Emojis are one of the most popular forms of communication when it comes to social media and texting.

If you are thinking of using Emojis, then you need to know how to use them correctly. They are commonly used as word substitutes, and they can be considered as expressive captions which resonate with individuals. Just substitute one word in each sentence with an Emoji, and your captions will resonate with viewers on a more visual level.

7) Search For A Community

With more than 400 million users, there is a possibility that no matter, how niche your services or products are, you will find people interested in becoming your followers. Whether it is fashion, food, technology, or health, there will always be a community that is ready to connect with you.

8) Avoid Over Posting

Posting content at regular intervals is good. But some people make the mistake of over-posting, which can turn people away. Make sure that you get your frequency correct and keep your posts consistent.

Posting one or two posts each day is the optimal number. If you end up going too far with this, you run the risk of overwhelming people. Ideally, try posting twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

9) Ask Questions

Irrespective of whether it is a part of a contest or a simple means to get your audience to engage actively with your content, asking questions is one of the best methods to gain more Instagram followers.

For example, if you are the owner of an online store, you can post snaps of your latest products and ask the audience which they like or are excited about. If you are a fashion brand, you can ask them how they would wear a specific piece of clothing. There is no harm in adding a bit of creativity, as the possibilities are endless.



(Asking Questions)

Winding Up

Getting more Instagram followers is not just about increasing the numbers on your social media profile. It is about growing and building your brand’s community. By following authentic engagement methods and putting in some effort, you will start to see results.


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