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Believe the hype! Google established this method of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in 2000 as an easy way to get visitors and customers to your business website.

So what are PPC Adverts? These are the results that come up at the top of your Google search page or to the right hand side of Google searches. They can also be found at the right hand side, edge of Facebook. In a nutshell, they are online advertisements that digital marketers have paid for using “Google Adwords”. When a customer types in certain keywords selected and bought by the brands digital marketers, they come up almost instantly. They vary from organic search results, which can be achieved through SEO.

While some say PPC Adverts come across as rather “passé” or disconnected, we cannot deny that they work. New age marketers abroad and within Nigeria still use PPC for a couple of reasons:

  1. PPC Adverts/Campaigns can drive quick results
  2. PPC Adverts/ Campaigns allow you to target a niche audience
  3. PPC Adverts/ Campaigns help you improve local search presence
  4. PPC Adverts/ Campaigns are great tools to address clients who are already familiar with your products

Let us make sure to not mistaken PPC Adverts for your regular pop up ads or Youtube ads that cannot be avoided and come across as irritating. PPC Ads do not stalk or intrude on your daily online activities and only appear when YOU need them to. Here are some reasons why adopting PPC Ads into your brand online strategy may be a good idea:

  1. PPC Ads come with built in measurements that can analyse the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. So you know where your efforts may be lacking and what aspects you have down.
  2. You can achieve speedy results the instant you set up as opposed to the laborious method of SEO, which takes a while to build up. Both methods however compliment each other very well and should be key features in your online marketing strategy.
  3. You get complete control of the inner workings of your online campaign. With PPC Adverts you can alter keywords/ variables as you go along, maybe variables that are not working for your brand exposure or words that are working.
  4. You can certainly reach a narrowly targeted audience. Individuals who are honestly looking to patronize your brand, service or industry. Keywords are grouped so as to target certain markets, more niche market keywords would usually have a lower bidding price, allowing you to reach an audience with a higher conversion rate. So keep those keywords simple yet thorough!

Hopefully this break down has been useful in inspiring a change of tactic when it comes to online marketing for your business or brand. PPC Adverts are an extremely effective and can certainly take your business to the next level to be discovered by individuals who are truly looking to patronise your service.

At Ellae Creative this is a service we can willingly offer as well as an opportunity to learn and be certified in Google Adwords through our monthly Digital Marketing Courses. For further information, click HERE and let us help take your brand online! 


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