BANNER ADS: Clickable Advertising.

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On October 27th, 1994, Wired magazine formerly Hotwired decided to join the internet generation by launching their first website, The website came with many advertisements as would have been expected of a magazine website but what they didn’t envisage was that a banner intended for a public announcement would become the first of many display ads to come in the very near future. Check it out here and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Before we go on spilling the technicalities, lets hit it off from the very basics.

A web banner advertisement or a display ad is a digital content displayed on a webpage, it usually consists of an image or multimedia object like a  flash animation. It’s always placed in strategic positions on a webpage to ensure that they are seen and most likely clicked. There’s probably one at the top of this page right now and a few more at the sides, and yes you guessed it, they are either static or animated. No matter how simple, flashy or loaded a banner ad is, the main objective is to grab your attention and get you to click, this is why it is becoming an essential part of marketing campaigns.

Now for the technicalities of how a banner is created, how to create an animated banner and how to make your banner irresistible, you can check out our articles on training here or you can sign up for our training and get the first-hand experience.

So How does a banner work its magic?

Just like roadside banners, they are designed to get your attention, with more images and fewer words, call to actions and most importantly they are clickable, meaning that you can engage your target audience, you can keep track of activities on your banner, you can target a specific audience and see just how many times they checked out what you had to offer, that’s a statistic the conventional banners cannot provide, which is why banner ads get the top vote for digital marketers.

There are 3 major things a banner does;

1. Gets people to notice your brand, products or services:

It’s like a new store around the corners of your popular websites, you keep seeing it even if you don’t need what they have to offer, banners ads display pictures or moving images of your brand targeted at your specific audience and letting them know you are open for business.

2. Gets them Engaged with your products or services:

Now just seeing the banner is good, what’s better is getting them to click, a banner ad usually comes with the call to action asking you to click, buy, order, read, or whatever interesting thing they want you to do, and if the copy is creative enough, you just might find yourself on their landing page to see just what the fuss is all about and that is how you become a lead. Think of all the millions of people like you who would come across the banner and think “ boy, I wonder what’s on the other side” and click. This is how many popular brands generate leads for new products and services. You might want to keep an eye out for this on this page, you see all to those “click here to claim”, “get 2 for 1” and many other juicy offers all get you to the landing page, to sign up, to order, to read, to watch or to buy.

3. RetarGETs them back:

Now we all don’t sign up or order on every form that pops up on websites when you surf the internet, we know better than to be tricked into making a purchase or signing up. But banner ads have their way of getting you back on that sign up page, a well strategized banner ad is programmed to follow-up on leads that were not converted successfully (that means, you took the bait, clicked on the banner but you didn’t participate in any of the activities the banner required you to. You ever wonder why you keep seeing display ads for shoes since the time you checked out one lovely sneaker display ad you saw, well that is how you are being retargeted to make sure that you get your own pair.

Display banners have changed the way we advertise, changed the look of websites and also changed marketing as a whole.

So if you are looking to create an awareness for your brand, engage your target audience and retarget your lost leads, you should consider including display advertisements in your digital marketing strategy. Whether you are a small business owner just starting up or you are the marketing executive for a fortune 500 company, a display banner can do more for your brand in just one click.

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