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From the days of our ancestors, huddled around a campfire telling stories of passed heroes, to the history books we were coerced to read; storytelling is arguably the oldest form of passing on knowledge. Emotional branding, although not a new phenomena, is a progressive branding strategy that has the potential to drive sales and increase customer retention for your business. 

One should approach storytelling in branding and business as if it were a specific project; couple personal and existing stories about you, your company experiences, staff experiences, day-to-day life and more into the narrative. Great storytelling comes from being able to connect and identify with a readers emotions; joys and fears. It is all about tapping into that emotion with your brand story telling, the needs and unwritten images associated with your industry and business.

Just like a fairytale, your brands story has to be captivating with no more than 4 “Acts” or stages to support your campaign or programme; introduction, problem, resolution and finally the call-to-action. The ultimate goal with brand storytelling is to inspire and insight, intuitively urging customers to trust and patronise your brand and products.

In the 21st century the arena of branding continues to evolve, as there are now various avenues to explore as a content outlet, with different target groups and communities to cater to per space. With the Internet and social media for example, customers can carefully and closely scrutinise a brands storytelling efforts and methods. With raw emotion comes authenticity; customers know a shameless marketing ploy when they see one. Show you genuinely care about your customers through storytelling.

We shall look at 2 prime examples of brands based in Nigeria that have utilised the art of storytelling to their advantage.

  1. Airtel/ Come Alive – Airtel saw the need to get their customers involved in social media activity and the sudden rise in mobile phone Internet usage. They focused more on the need and the benefit of the “Come Alive” bundle. They made the campaign fun and relatable, relaxed. Reflecting the attitudes a brand wishes to receive from customers is a simple aspect to story telling that guarantees revenue returns and customer retention.
  1. Indomie / Indomitables – This was a brilliant ploy on the part of Indomie. The Indomitables characters were a story in itself, one could easily forget about Indomie Noodles all together. The vivrant Indomitable characters effectively captured the hearts of the target audience; children. Before we knew it, what was once a simple food item in a home full of children became an obligation. Next time you are in a home full of kids, keep your eyes peeled for a cluster of Indomitable character stickers on a wall.

Stay tuned to our next blog post to find out the varied methods of storytelling per space, from television to print to social media. Trust Ellae Creative Branding Agency to always give you the facts and details about 21st century branding in Nigeria.

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