Common Branding Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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Branding is very important for small companies that want to grow, stand out from the competition and sustain their businesses for the long term. Due to lack of resources, funds, time and people, small businesses usually have challenges in establishing their brand.

A company that doesn’t have a well-defined brand will have trouble with differentiation in the marketplace and with generating media awareness. Thus it is essential for small businesses to build their brand and avoid the common branding mistakes.

Here are 6 of the common branding mistakes small businesses make.


  1. Not Establishing Defined Guidelines

It is important to set defined brand guidelines when creating the brand identity of your business. Without having a guideline for your logo, brand colors, typography, vision, brand voice and brand promise, you are setting yourself up for failure. This is because your potential customers will not be able to easily connect with your brand since it has no focus. So do a proper planning and set guidelines that will make your branding efforts more consistent.

  1. Not Enabling their Employees to Build their Brand

From the reports from Webroot, forty percent of small businesses have a policy that prohibits employees from visiting Facebook.  Small business owners should allow thie employees use social networking sites as long as they are doing it for the benefit of the company. Your potential consumers want to connect with your employees to get a clearer picture of your company. You can scale your marketing and foster stronger relationships with your customers by enabling your employees to become evangelists for your company through the use of social media and other possible means.

  1. Not Including a Tagline

Your company logo and tagline are very important to the image of your business. Potential Without a tagline, you will not be able to grab your potential customers’ attention because they simply don’t know what you are all about. Spend time to research and come up with a punch line which will connect your brand with your customers both psychologically and emotionally so it attracts attention in an instant.

  1. Not Defining their Target Market

As a small business owner, you need to specify your target market. Consider the age, gender, geography and lifestyle of the people you’re targeting. You can’t be everything to every categories of customers or you’ll be nothing to no one. In addition, by defining and segmenting your audience, you can appear higher in search engine results and the “right customers” will find you and want your product or service.

  1. Not Connecting Through Social Media

Today, a lot of businesses have online presence through their website and social media platforms. Thus, if your business does not have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages where your customers have a chance to reach out to you, then you are already losing to your competitors. It is essential for your business to have a detailed, well managed and regularly updated page on at least two to three platforms even if you are a small company.

  1. Not Having a Consistent Brand Voice and Identity

Some businesses make the mistake of using their logo or tagline on only a few of their marketing collaterals while what they should be focusing on is promoting their brand consistently with the same message both internally (within the organization) and externally with their potential customers online. Ensure your small business communicates a consistent branding promise and message to its audience. Small business owners may contact brand consultants or branding agencies like Ellae Creative Design Agency to help them achieve this.


We also have a video on “Branding Blunders Your Business should avoid”. Click Here to Watch.

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