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According to the Content Marketing Institute ”Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”. Content Marketing is a strategic way of promoting a business. It is often used by brands as a means to
• Expand their user base
• Diversify their user base
• Establish or Increase online sales
• Increase brand awareness or credibility
• Create an online community of users
What makes Content Marketing stand out is that it focuses on the needs of the customers and creates tailored content that are useful and solves the problems of the targeted audience. Content Marketing is the fuel that drives Inbound Marketing methodology. Emphasis is placed on the users, identifying their struggles, pain points and then creating content that address those concerns.
In this article, we will discuss Content Marketing strategies that your business can adopt in order to achieve its business goals.
In order to create content for your audience, you have to understand them. By understanding them, we mean their characteristics, what do they usually do when they come online? What kind of articles do they like to read? What platforms are they most likely to use?
The research does not stop there. You have to also look at your competitors in your niche. See what they are are doing and how it is working out for them. These are things you can improve upon with your content marketing campaign.
The research will help you pin point common issues that your audience typically face and will guide you better in creating content to address those needs.
Online users understand that headlines either draw readers in or pushes them away. You don’t need to be a blogger to understand that certain headlines attract more readers than others. A strong head line is one that is catchy and enticing to read. It is also one that quickly explains to the reader what’s in it for them and what they will get out of the article. It is also search engine friendly and arouses curiosity in the minds of the readers.
Writing good headlines is not an actual science, often times it is recommended to experiment with different headlines and then retain the winning copy. The concept of multi variate testing will be introduced in our next post.
When your audience read your engaging content, what immediate action would you like them to take?That action you want them to take immediately after reading your article is what is called the Call to action.
The most effective CTA’s is one that helps the customer discover the next step in your content marketing program. It might be to subscribe to your email list, free consultation, sign up for an upcoming webinar or a sign up for a product demo etc.
If your content is rich, you are more likely to get your audience engaged and yearn for more. The resultant action is that they will want to do business with you.
Visual Content get twice more traffic than text content. Online users have short attention life span and so have limited time to read content in great detail. Infographics represent a powerful way of using visuals rather than text to pass information along . It has the ability to take a  blog from bland to awesome.
Throwing a stock image at the top of a blog doesn’t cut it. You should add relevant images throughout the article. Try to keep the user’s engagement high through the whole piece of content, not just the introduction.
A study by Buzzmo of about 100 million articles, indicated that articles that go viral have the following attributes
• Longer length – 3,000 to 10,000 words
• Includes images
• Appeals to emotions
• Is a how-to article, a list, or infographic
• Perceived as trustworthy
• Shared by at least one influencer
• Promoted several days, weeks, and months after it was originally written
With all these in mind, you can go ahead and start creating articles that are not just readable and sharable but also relatable to your audience.
So there you have it our tips to get you started with Content Marketing. Do you have tips that has helped your Content Marketing campaign ? Kindly share with us in the comment section below.

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