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If you are a regular reader of our blog posts, you already know how we feel about website design. This write up is by no means tech related, but emphasis shall be placed on the importance on hiring a web design team that are capable and clued up.

With social media and business, many use online platforms to push content and show the depth and range of the business in question. Content marketing and social media sites are also used as a gateway by e-commerce brands to have people visit their site, explore and eventually make a purchase. Seems simple enough yes? Well, no, not really.

Picture yourself as a potential customer, you are connecting with a brands social media content and you want to know more about the business. So click on to their web page link only to be met with dead links and a generally confusing website layout. What do you do? Exactly, leave. No purchase made; this is the case with many businesses and potential customers. Here are 5 clear, rules to keep online users happy with your website as well as your product.

  1. Clarity: Make your web page lay out clear and concise so new comers can easily find what they are looking for without breaking a sweat or leaving out of frustration.
  1. Be Consistent: If you have placed links to merchandise or deals on your web page constantly check them to make sure they are working to keep a consistent flow.
  1. Be Visual: Use a lot images and videos especially for e-commerce based websites to avoid customers from getting lost in all the words, causing them to zone out and close your page.
  1. Optimisation: Do not be intimidated by the term “optimisation”, it simply means tweaking your website to function on all sorts of devices. Optimise your webpage for computers as well as mobile devices.
  1. Include A Call-To-Action: When people get unto your webpage, they are in unfamiliar territory. So you have the power to call the shots and lead; show customers what to click to achieve their goal and ultimately yours.


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