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According to Content Marketing Institute ”Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”

The internet would be empty without content . You have to think about how people and brands use the internet, perform a google , bing or yahoo search to see what content is really about.

Content has the very important job of  drawing people in and getting them to interact with your business. It plays an integral part in attracting visitors who are interested in the services that your business provides, ensures that they are converted to leads and helps also to close them into paying customers.

Content is the fuel that drives Inbound Marketing (a form of marketing which involves promotion of a brand or its services through means such blogs, podcasts , video, ebooks , newsletters etc by attracting customers through the different stages of the purchase funnel)

In the early days of internet , Digital marketers were limited by limited space and often worried about things like how big their billboards were, how big their magazine ads were but with the internet, space is now unlimited and so there can be unlimited number of blog posts, web pages and even content offers.

With this unlimited space on the internet comes a  major headache for digital marketers. There are billions of content published on the internet on a daily basis. Standing out and getting noticed by your target audience is harder than ever before as everyone is fighting for attention. This is where the quality of your content distinguishes your brand and enables you to stand out and get noticed.

So what are those tips that help you produce mind blowing and unforgettable content. Read below for our suggestions…..

  1. UNDERSTAND YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: The first step to creating contents that matter is understanding first of all who your target audience really are, where they are, their needs , their aspirations, their pain points. You can simply break this down by creating personas for your audience. It will enable you drill down to the core and understand who you are targeting.
  1. UNDERSTAND THE BUYER JOURNEY: To understand Content Marketing, it is important to understand the stages that visitors go through before eventually completing a purchase. The steps are as follows
  2. Awareness
  3. Consideration
  4. Decision
  5. Purchase

As a content creator, you need to understand that certain content formats work best for certain stages.

For example, during the awareness stage, the visitor expresses symptoms of a problem or opportunity and wishes to learn more about your product or service to assess whether or not it provides solution to their needs. Contents that are adequate for this stage are usually items such as ebooks, blog posts, research reports and other educational contents which serve to educate the visitor and push them to the consideration stage.


It is imperative to focus on the informational part of the content first and then worry about the design aspects second. You should prioritize writing great content over making that content look nice. Yes, content like infographics rely heavily on design, but if it wasn’t for the content that infographic wouldn’t exist.


Even with all your research efforts, even with all the fine and elegant designs of your content, you might discover that they are not exactly what your audience are looking for. It pays to monitor your analytics as it will give you insights about which posts that get more interactions across your posts. Such insights will help you tailor your content around such relevant topics so as to promote engagement with your target audience


A great content deserves to be seen and read. One of the easiest ways to share content is via social buttons. It enables you share posts on Twitter, facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and across all the major social media networks . Connecting and engaging your target audience across social media is a critical factor for your marketing success and again this depends on the quality of the content. if it’s a great content then it will be highly shareable but then again it needs to be seen where it can be shared.

So there you have it, our tips for creating contents that engage and convert

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