Cultivate An Effective Consultant-Client Relationships in 4 Easy Steps…

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As a creative company we deal with different kinds of individuals on a daily basis. Some are versed in the field of branding, some just have a general idea of what they expect from output, while some other clients may not be too clear on the process but just need results. What we have noticed in our years of experience is although these are all different clients with varied expectations; they all expect one thing, “feedback communication”. 

To win the hearts of clients, we have noted that it takes more than an awesome design, strategy or concept. Communication and trust is key to fully understanding a clients wants and needs but often as creatives, we get distracted. Follow the points highlighted below and use them as a guide to structure your conversations with clients and ultimately improve your company output!

  • You have to stay in touch- It is important to remain professional by carrying your client along through the process of consulting. Remember to treat your client like a newborn, precious babe, explain and pet; remember a great consultant-client relationship can lead to recommendations and new jobs.
  • Present to your client your S.MA.R.T Goals– Usually clients wants to know about everything but the creative process itself. Yes clients care about your creative output, but their area of focus is usually timelines and return on investments. A great way to merge the creative aspects of your work with the hard-hitting business talk to brief a client on your “S.M.AR.T Goals”. 1. Specific goals, purpose of the design, concept or strategy. 2. Measurable Timeline and Deliverables. 3. Attainable targets to keep clients happy.
  • Remember to K.I.S.S your client- Wait, what? Do not get anxious, by K.I.S.S, we mean “keep it short and sweet”. One main issue with consulting for a layman is most times; there is a communication barrier or gap. All that web design or tech talk, leave it at the office and adopt a new mode of communication when consulting with clients or laymen. Explain with everyday examples, identify with your clients key problem areas and show them how YOU can solve them.
  • Let your client speak his or her mind- We understand that artists and creativity is a sensitive process but the only way you can be the best of the best is to speak with clients for their feedback. The back and forth between consultant and client can be tiring, but look at the positives; you know whether or not your client is happy with working with you and your company. Probe your client, even the most unpleasant piece of feedback will make you stronger and the constant badgering shows you care and take your clients seriously. If they are unhappy, be resilient, ask why; find out what can be done to make them happy.

At Ellae Creative we are always looking into new innovative methods to help brands be the best they can be. We are always available to offer our services and expertise in cultivating innovative designs, strategy and concepts. For further information on our Training Programme and digital courses, kindly click HERE ! Allow us assist in taking your brand to the next level on any playing field. Remember to always trust Ellae Creative; we have always got you covered! 

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