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Email Marketing also known as “Outbound” Marketing is an innovative way to keep in touch with your customers and also grown your business. We like to call this form of marketing “consent marketing”, where people have willingly opted to receive and engage with your content. Email Marketing does not simply mean “bulk emails”, there is a method to developing email marketing content, building opt-in plan. Kindly have a look below at our email marketing success fundamentals!

  1. A catchy title: You have to push out topics with a subject title that grab the attention of your subscribers and make them CLICK open your company emails. Stick to “How To..” titled email newsletters, rhetorical questions such as “How Does Your Website Performance Affect Business Revenue?”, list write ups for more clicks, shares and interactions on your email marketing campaign.
  1. Check your hyperlinks and social cards to make sure they work effectively and promptly. Your hyperlinks are important as they stand between your brands message and your subscriber’s intent.
  1. Segment your audiences/ email list: By this we mean tailor certain email content to suit your required audience. Say for example, Ellae Creative, we have an email list of over a thousand subscribers from different industries. We would not send out branding content pertaining to the hospitality industry to individuals in the banking sector. Alter your content to suit your audience and segmented email listings.
  1. More visuals, less chatter: Use a lot of graphic art and photographs to emphasise the topic of your email newsletter. Prioritise your words, what words and phrases will hold the attention of your readers and follow up with an equally captivating image.
  1. Include a call-to-action: We understand your goal is to engage subscribers via your email newsletter, but readers have to take action. Add an easy and convenient activity helping readers connect with not just your content but also your brand on a deeper level.
  1. Timing: With experimenting comes knowledge. Find out through trial runs what time is best for your business to send out email newsletters. Bear in mind, Monday is usually for internal meetings for most businesses and Friday is well… Friday. Find out what day and time your audience is alert and what time is convenient for them to receive emails from you. Or else you may come across as irksome and eventually lose subscribers.
  1. Keep it simple: As we stated above, people are busy. Keep your copy brief, your images, links and social cards should be strategically placed within the newsletter so people are not confused or overwhelmed. Avoid excess industry jargon, do not ask for too much and be clear and concise.

After going through the listed points above we hope you have the confidence and foresight to forge ahead and further grow your business through email marketing.  Ellae Creative can also come in as consultants to guide you through each crucial email marketing phase. Laying the foundation for an apt, tech savvy business. For more information kindly click HERE and schedule a sit down with our readily available team of experts. Allow us assist in taking your brand to the next level on any playing field. Remember to always trust Ellae Creative; we have always got you covered! 

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