Graphic Design Trends Set To Take Over 2019

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Last year was an exciting year in the graphic design world. It was all about being adventurous and taking bold risks. We saw the re-emergence of 3D logos and more custom illustrations, and vibrant colours were the order of the day.

2019 is already showing signs of being an even more eventful year for graphic designers and we can’t wait to see what comes out of it. We have taken it upon ourselves to write up some of the graphic design trends that are sure to be on top this year.

Vivid Colours

Vivid, bold and bright colours are set to be a huge trend this year. A number of brands, such as Apple and Spotify have incorporated vivid colours into their products and services. A brand grabs attention when their content stands out from the crowd and one of the best ways to do this is by using bold colours.


When it comes to graphic design, text is just as important as the design or image and it can make your design stand out even more. The graphic design world is experiencing a shift towards more stylish typography with personality. Don’t be afraid to be bold with typography this year!

Striking Duotones

Duotones started creeping back into the picture in 2018 but are set to make a full comeback this year with graphic designers delving into more creative and striking duotones. Like bold colours, duotones make your design stand out from the millions that exist. Be sure to embrace duotones and take your designs to the next level.

Complex Gradients

Complex gradients is another trend that looks set to take over this year. Designers have been incorporating this into their designs by using a spectrum of bright and bold colours that make any design attractive. Use gradients more often but ensure it does not overshadow the main focus of your design.

3D Design

It’s a new year and 3D is not showing any signs of fading into the shadows anytime soon. As 3D rendering software get better with time and designers grow in their skill set, we tend to see more and more graphic designers seize the opportunity to bring their designs to life. 3D design is definitely set to break boundaries this new year.

Metallic Colours

We’re going to be seeing more metallic colours like gold and silver incorporated into designs this year and we can’t wait! The advancement of technology has made it more desirable to use these which is great because they always add an element of luxury and exclusivity to any design.

Shades of Blue

Blue is bound to be a stand out colour in 2019. Specifically, strong and deep hues of blue like indigo are sure to set the tone for designers as they are bold, attractive and make designs look great on display devices. Plus, blue looks great paired with most colours.

Motion Graphics

Technology and improved software have led to an increase in the use of motion graphics by designers, and this is sure to rise even further this year. Designers are pushing graphics to their limits and taking graphic design to new levels by creating interactive content that appeals to the senses of users and makes usability easier.

With these new trends and so much more, the year is bound to be an amazing one for design. Be bold, take risks and don’t be afraid to incorporate new concepts into your designs in 2019!

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