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In a world of over 7 billion people, a meager 170 million people somewhere in the western parts of Africa have made a name for themselves as giants, they are proactive, talented and a unique breed, who have strategically positioned themselves in almost all the countries of the world and are dominating in every field. It is often said, that there is not a single city In the world that you won’t find a Nigerian. To celebrate Nigeria’s Independence we are sharing with the world 7 things that make Nigerians Awesome.

So if you’re not already one and you are considering it, Here’s how to be a Nigerian


  1.   Have a unique talent: Nigeria is a hub of raw talents from all works of life, it is very evident in the kind of products and creativity that comes out of Nigeria, from a very young age, Nigerian children have always had to search deep within themselves to find some unique abilities, some might not be so early in the discovery but when they eventually do, they go all the way to develop and groom the talents. If you are looking for talents, you know where to look, our talents are one way you can identify us as Nigerians.
  2.   Be spiritual: You don’t need a prophet to tell you that Nigerians are spiritual, just take a look at the second stanza of the national anthem. In whatever form or practice, Nigerians always find God and give him an undebatable place. This is one of the reasons, churches, mosques and even traditional houses are on the rise. You can identify a  Nigerian by how close they are to God.
  3.   Work It till you make it: Contrary to some beliefs and reports, Nigerians are not lazy, they work round the clock from dawn to dusk, pushing to make it, from the students cramming up formulas, to the truck pusher taking the weight of the world on his shoulders, to the bank executive who can’t sleep because he has to figure out the next move for his bank, to the Musician who spends all night in the studio make hits that we know Nigerian musicians for. From all walks of life, Nigerians take pride in Hard work and don’t quit until they make it.
  4.    Be Happy: A popular Musician once tagged Nigerians with the phrase “ Suffering and smiling”, he was not far from the truth, Nigerians know how to be happy, they are consumed by depression or the troubles that throw many off, Nigerian are known to shake off the dust and forge ahead with a winning smile. It’s how we get by a hard days work, to find humor where no one expected, we share videos and images to make others happy, the best way to define happiness is to put the face of a Nigerian, right next to the word Happiness in the dictionary. When you see a man who can’t help but be happy, who finds humor so easily, don’t bother to ask, He’s a Nigerian.
  5.   Yell in Traffic: If you stay in one of the cities in Nigeria, then you are no stranger to rush hour traffic and the drama that happens those heated moments on the road. Every Nigerian regardless of their ability to drive knowsa bad driving just by looking at it, whether you are on a motorcycle, a tricycle, a truck, a car or a bus, Nigerians are expressive, they readily show their disapproval of bad road habits, the drivers don’t just engage horns to air their views, they yell at the top of their voice. So if you are stuck in traffic and you see a man peep his head out to yell at the man in front, don’t ask questions, Just yell out and say what you think. Although I must warn that the conditions and the events that follow may vary especially if the person you are yelling at is a soldier. In that case, It would be best to keep it all in and then yell when you get home, Just an advice from our end here.
  6.    Don’t miss a social function: Nobody Parties like a Nigerian, when it comes to turning up for friends, family even strangers, if it’s an event, trust Nigerians to be there, we celebrate with each other regardless of who they are, when the music comes on, we lose our individual differences and become one by the music. This is how the weekend life goes all over the country, nothing makes an event better like good food in the midst of friends and families and occasionally some strangers who have no idea what’s going on but they dare not miss a party, that’s what makes them Nigerian.
  7.    Love the Jollof: there many things to love, but in all your loving, there must be a special place for the Nigerian Jollof, it’s a national meal that has been known all the country the meal for any event, the presence of Jollof is the beginning of the party, there is something about the look, the aroma, the accompaniment that goes so well with it, the steam that saturates the entire hall, the joy that fills your stomach before the food makes its royal decent into your graciously await stomach, the thrill that comes with the hustle for a plate, the variations of dodo, moi moi, salad or just a chilled bottle of a soft drink. Nigerians have uncovered the secret to living the good life and it all begins with their love for the Jollof.
  8.   Respect the culture: No matter how far a Nigerian goes, he is always connected to Nigerian by the traditions and culture, They are founded on morals that reflects empathy, respect, value for humanity, and they are unique to Nigeria. It’s one of the reason the Nigerian Accent is rated as one the sexiest in the world, the Nigerian language is laced with the rich cultures and traditions that the country itself was founded upon. Like the lady kneeling to greet or the colorful procession of a traditional marriage, Every Nigerian keeps their identity with them, they may be dressed in the trends of the day, but their ideologies and ethics are clothed with culture and tradition. The Nigerian way of life.
  9.   Don’t Carry last: In Nigeria, when you hear the word Go… you start running, you don’t want to be caught on the line, looking around for where to go, when you see the rush, take your lane and lead the pack. This is why you see Nigerians leading in all spheres, we are never lost in the crowd, instead, we lead the pack. So, wherever you find yourself, take your mind of average, work on yourself to be the best because Nigerians don’t ‘carry last’.
  10.   Know when to yell Up Nepa: Nigeria is blessed with ethic groups in their thousands and diverse tribal groups with numerous differences, one thing that brings us together are the common problems that we face, the common goals that we share, we put aside our differences and work together towards a greater Nigeria, we encourage each other and keep believing in our abilities, we are hopeful for the best and when unexpected the light comes up, we lay aside our current problems, our individuality and in one chorus we all together say “UP NEPA”

Nigerians are truly a unique breed, and being a Nigerian is an honour you can only be born with. Ellae celebrates Nigeria and Nigerians…



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