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Twitter is a social media platform where users are required to post updates in not more than 140 characters. It is also the truly first platform to harness the true power of hashtags. A hashtag is a way of categorizing tweets. It is composed of a keyword with the #symbol preceding it. For instance, by clicking on a #Business hashtag on Twitter, user will be directed to all tweets on the platform that has been hashtagged with business as the keyword.

Since the volume of daily searches on Twitter is quite large, using the appropriate hashtag with the keyword searched by your audience is the key to getting found.

When a lot of Twitter users congregate and start talking with a specific hashtag, a lot of retweets is generated in the process. The hashtag soon begins to Trend when a lot of other users join in the conversation. When a topic is trending on twitter, it simply means that it is the most talked about topic for that moment.

As most Twitter users always check out the Trending hashtag constantly, getting your business to trend on Twitter is a very good strategy to get noticed.

In this article, we will discuss tips that will help you trend  your business and track your results.


The first reason why a lot of Twitter users jump on a hashtag is because it  is highly engaging. Choosing the topic you can discuss consistently in detail helps you get better engagement. When you are considering the topic you can use, think of topics that are self -explanatory and not an acronym. This enables users to quickly understand what the hashtag is all about immediately they see it.

In creating a hashtag about your business, you have to pay attention to detail. It is wise to choose words related to your business and that will easily get your audience interested. Also check on Twitter if the hashtag you have in mind already exists. If it does, it will be best to use another one to create that differentiation that your brand needs to stand apart.


To effectively Trend on Twitter, you may require the help of Twitter Influencers. These are Twitter users with large follower base and are able to influence audience engagement behaviour. There are a lot of Twitter Influencers on the platform but not all of them appeal to every niche. You would be wise to carry out a survey to enable you understand and figure which influencers are the best fit for your marketing campaign. If you choose wrongly, you are likely to end up with a campaign that will be poorly received by your audience.

Choosing the right influencers for the hashtag trend will not only put your business on the twitter map, it will also help you improve your relationship with other key influencers that you may work with in the future.


On Twitter, users often find it encouraging when the brand that started the hashtag trend retweets or replies them. You also have to understand that as the hashtag gains momentum and starts creating that ripple effect which makes it trend, there will be a lot of users that will jump in and start adding irrelevant conversations to it. You will do well to ignore less meaningful tweets to the conversation that you have built.


It is important to tweet in such as way that shows that you are human and as such capable of emotions. Whether you are a brand or just an individual using the twitter platform, having a personalized approach to engage followers with your hashtag is a really good strategy to score a big win.

Even though your hashtag is about valid and helpful information, your message needs to show emotion to further create a catchy and relatable impression.


This is one big mistake a lot of people make on Twitter. In trying to get a hashtag to trend, a lot of users post irrelevant content on a hashtag just to get it to trend. And so, while that hashtag is trending, the real business value is lost as users get to see irrelevant content that has little or nothing to do with your business.

So there you have it, our tips to help you trend on Twitter. Do you have any strategies that has helped you trend on twitter? Kindly share with us. Use the comments section below. We always look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in Trending your business on Twitter, contact us so we can discuss how to help your business grow on Twitter . Call us on 0812 439 7210

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