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Infographic has stood out as great visual way of marketing for businesses and brands out there today. Unlike other forms of marketing, infographic ensure that your messages are more educational than promotional. For a long time, blog posts has been perceived to have high search engine value but infographics now attract much larger traffic because they are so easy to read and digest and what’s more? they are fun.

It is recommended to adopt a multi pronged marketing approach. One that does NOT rely heavily on just one strategy. If you have only been using articles and social media, you are likely missing out on great leads you could be generating with infographics.

In this article, we will discuss reasons why Infographic is such a solid marketing strategy for your business and why you should get started.


65% of people are visual learners. They consume information and understand it best when it’s expressed through illustrations, demonstrations, and exhibitions.

Infographics help you show rather than tell.

They help simplify difficult concepts and transform boring topics into something much more exciting. They bring to life and visualize content that would otherwise be shared as text.


It’s a real challenge to get noticed with all the noise and clutter online. While creating good content via blogs is a good strategy, people are likely to check out videos and infographics. If you want your video content to look good, you’ll have to invest in decent equipment. But if you’ve got a good idea for an infographic, it can be made for a low price and in a matter of minutes if you know what you’re doing. Include your company logo and web address on a catchy infographic that goes viral and you’ll have instant recognition.


Infographics are a fantastic way to convey complicated information in an eye-catching way. Show people a few statistics that will wow them and you’ll immediately have an engaged audience looking to you for answers. Just be sure to double-check that the things you’re saying are accurate or your new fan base will turn on you quickly.


Studies show that our brain filters out 99% of all sensory information almost immediately.

We’re used to reading text. We usually end up skimming articles and large groups of wordy content to save us time (and if we’re honest, a little boredom, too).

So when an engaging, unexpected visual – like an infographic – pops up in a blog post or in our Twitter feed, we take interest. It catches our eye and draws us in.
You’re probably now well aware at how effective infographics can be for your business. But there’s probably a more pressing question on your mind:


Infographics are great because they are often shared across social media and other websites. Well, this won’t happen unless you make them easily shareable! It is amazing how many businesses will spend thousands of dollars on an infographic and post it to their site and expect it to become social without giving their readers the ability to share it!

Once it is posted on the website the business should share it across their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) and then make sure that the post has a social sharing widget installed allowing the readers to quickly share it across their social profiles with a click of their mouse. Another good idea is to provide the html code so other websites can display the infographic with a link back to the blog post. This is great link bait because websites benefit from content that is engaging, and you benefit by gaining natural links.

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