Is The Customer Really Always Right?

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We’ve all heard this phrase time and time again. You know, the one about the customer always being right and how you must always ensure you listen to them.

The phrase; “the customer is always right” basically means that, as a business, your main and most important goal is to ensure you provide optimum customer satisfaction because the customer drives your business and ultimately, if you can’t satisfy them, you’ll be out of business before you can even spell the word “business”.

But are they really and truly always right? Do you always have to accept every single thing your customer says or wants?

Well we’re here to give you a couple of reasons why they may not always be right.

Having Unhappy Employees Is Bad For Business

As a business owner, you’re always going to come across a few unreasonable or irate customers. You should definitely always try to make customers happy and satisfied and let them know you’re at their service. However, you don’t want to do this at the expense of your employees. Supporting your employees when they are being unjustifiably mistreated by a customer is always a good idea as this builds trust and loyalty with your employees and makes them feel valued and happy, and once an employee is happy, they deliver better customer service and go out of their way to ensure customers are satisfied.

Terrible Customers Can Diminish The Quality of Service Other Customers Receive

For one, a customer who acts irate in a place of business will definitely create a hostile environment which makes it less favourable for other customers. It could even end up driving some customers away because they don’t want to deal with noise or stress when trying to get a good or service. Another thing is that badly behaved customers could end up getting special or extra benefits which are used to satisfy them and this gives such customers an unfair advantage over others, which is something you don’t want to happen as a business owner. You want every single customer to be equally and specially treated, no matter who they are.

The Customer Doesn’t Know It All

No one knows better about how a product or service works than the owner of the business and their employees. There are certain situations where a customer may feel like they know more or feel angry that a product they purchased failed to operate in the way they felt it should. The key to overcoming such an issue is simply establishing yourself as the expert to customers. Obviously you don’t want to do this in an arrogant way that runs the risk of isolating the customer. You want to tell them more about the product, give demonstrations and advise them on how best to use the product.

You Don’t Need To Retain Every Single Person As A Customer

Let’s be honest, as a business owner, you wouldn’t want to retain a customer who is constantly rude and abusive towards you and/or your employees, no matter how much money they bring in. This is because such a customer creates so much stress for you and your employees that their patronage just ends up not being worth it in the long run. All in all, its best to save yourself the stress and let go of, or avoid terrible customers to protect your business.

Customer satisfaction should always be at the forefront of any business but there are times or situations where the notion of the customer always being right is not the best idea to follow. You should always try to resolve customer issues as much as you can, but don’t let go of the bigger picture. Trying and maxing out your resources to make an unnecessarily unreasonable customer happy is just not worth it in situations where their actions can negatively impact the success of your business or morale of your employees.

What do you think? Is the customer always right? Or do you agree that there are situations where your business comes before the customer?

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