Laughing To The Bank: 10 ways Your Website/ Blog Can Earn You Money

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Just started a blog and want to capitalise off your online space? You are in luck! Here are 10 effective, easy ways to monetize your blog and laugh all the way to the bank…. 

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads: This is dependent on your website traffic. If you know you have a lot of visitors on your blog, website you can join an affiliate programme where you get paid for every click a visitor makes on these online ads. A lot of online stores such as Jumia Nigeria have affiliate programmes, for example if you are a beauty blogger, you can have certain Jumia PPC ads on your page of beauty products and cosmetics. For every click on these ads that result in a sale, you get paid!
  1. Cost Per Mile Advertising: As opposed to clicks you get paid by impressions, basically so long as visitors view the online ad by going on your page, you get paid. A lot of Nigerian topical blogs like Linda Ikeji adopt tactics similar to this as her blog has a high traffic rate.
  1. Advertising Widgets: A relatively new mode of monetizing your blog, involves a method that is a mixture of PPC advertising, affiliate programmes and text link ads.
  1. Advertising space: Another style that can be seen on the Linda Ikeji blog and many other Nigerian blogs. A bit more straight to the point, simply sell a space on your blog to advertisers for a fixed price. This is a very lucrative method as there is no middleman that is Google; you make your money on your terms.
  1. Pay Per Play (PPP) Ads: Also consider placing audio adverts that play every time someone visits your blog. The video lasts for only a couple of seconds and cannot be stopped by blog visitors. Although to visitors this may be slightly aggravating, a method such as PPP Ads creates a 100 per cent conversion rate with certain visitors. Therefore you are guaranteed to make money every time someone visits your blog. However, we must reiterate that this method at times can be seen as invasive and may reduce the number of returning visitors over time.
  1. Pop Ups: These are very common online and for many, the dreaded pop up can be seen as annoying. However we cannot deny its effectiveness when executed the RIGHT WAY. Try having a single pop up that only appears to new visitors, this simply grabs their attention and if they aren’t interested can exit with no fear of it popping up again.
  1. Join An Affiliate Programme: Loosely described as pop up ads and banners that get you money based on clicks, an affiliate programme as a bit more structure. You can write reviews on your favourite product from certain online stores and get paid a percentage based commission from every sale generated by your website.
  1. Sell Your Own Products: We are in a time that bloggers can accumulate influence and a fan base based on their work. You can easily sell branded merchandise to visitors that you feel they may like from t-shirts and mugs to creams and cosmetics.
  1. Tutorials and Downloads: Provide valuable content that you know your blog visitors need and would pay for. For example, you run a tech blog have you looked into providing free software updates based on a monthly fee? You run an e-learning platform, have you thought of placing tutorials on your site and sharing based on payment. Take the recently acquired LinkedIn learning database,, for example; some content is free but if you wish to learn more, you have to pay. In a nutshell let us call this “Membership Online Marketing”.
  1. Paid Posts/ Feature Posts: A another rendition of display advertising, you can invite businesses that need exposure to come unto your blog and post a feature. So as not to seem like a obvious money making move, it is advisable to feature products, services and causes that are remotely related to the topics discussed on your blog. For example, if you run a food blog, it would not be odd to have a feature post from product such as Maggi.


There are many other ways to make money from your blog today! If you have any other suggestions, kindly comment down below, we would appreciate your input on the matter.

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