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Millennials (18-37 yr. olds) are a tech savvy and versatile bunch, often known to discredit all preconceived notions brands have about them and quick to disconnect and call out the brands that are bringing less than their A-game to the market. In other words, millennials are viewed as that thorn in the side of many brands. Hard to please and even harder to keep engaged.

Millennials or Generation Y as they are some times called, view career and income a little bit differently than other generations. It is advisable to the Nigerian business world to pay closer attention to this versatile bunch and not write them off as “unserious” as so many individuals have been so quick to do. Simply because these globally minded, restless youths will comprise of about 75 per cent of the Nigerian workforce by 2025.

Nigeria is rapidly growing as one of the worlds fastest developing mobile communications markets with 70 per cent of Nigerian online participants being under the age of 35 year old. What does this tell us?

Brands based in Nigeria have suddenly begun to take notice of this mass of individuals who are hard to please and easily distracted. Believe it or not, millennia”s are the key to brand growth and awareness not only because of our prowess in new media communications but our attitude to life and experiences.


  • An advert is just an advert. Millenials are very hard to please, as we want to understand the very essence and core of your brand. Only 1 per cent of Nigerian millennials said they were compelled by an advert and were more interested in consumer experience.
  • Millennials will also tell you the truth about the state of the economy. Many still live with their parents, are unemployed or looking to start an SME. It is advisable that brands watch their habits and develop marketing tactics specifically for millennials as they look to manoeuvre through life and its expectancies.


  • Millennials have the time and passion to cultivate formal, new media skills that are so valued today in the world of branding. The nomadic graphic designers, the kooky but creative content managers, the quirky web or app designer and more can be found amongst millennials.
  • Millennials are free spirits, diverse, optimistic, and are eager to learn new things. Although written off as naïve or restlessness, the excess energy in a millennial is simply hunger and drive. A drive to discover more, learn more and be more!


It is evident that the Nigerian employment market is dry and extremely competitive; therefore it is best we empower mobile casino the youth or millennials by providing and encouraging new media, tech skills that will make them employable. Those who may wish to freelance or start their own business also have to be empowered through programmes and online platforms, encouraging their talents and aspirations.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and the millennials are at the cusp of a global technological revolution. It is however puzzling that a world that seems to revolve around them can also ignore them and their talents. It is best we embrace these changes in technology and society, ultimately empowering the generations to come.

So when you think of the term “Millenials”, don’t wrinkle your nose and scoff. They make up a large, diverse slice of the world economy that continues to grow day by day. At Ellae Creative Branding Agency we recognise the might of this emerging group and implore employers and organisations alike to take notice of this colourful bunch. Recognise their talents and utilise their strengths for the greater good. Motivate and elevate new media savvy millenials today, watch our economy bloom tomorrow.

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