Over 10 Ways To Create A Buzz About Your Business or Cause. Online & Offline!

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Have you ever wondered how some businesses are everywhere and loved by everyone? Aside from a great product and years of work, companies such as Coca-Cola, Dangote, Unilever and more are putting in work in the media.

Do not be intimidated or feel this blog is not for you as a small business owner, there are different media outlets to explore in this regard. It is honestly all about your product and approach; here are some brief guidelines on how to take your brand from obscure to media darling!



  • 1st off, you have to take the time to build relationships months and months in advance.
  • Connect with individuals online using the varied social media outlets available. That is, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc
  • Reach out and connect with popular bloggers, they have a heavy followership can easily be swayed in your favour.
  • Go to a lot of events and never be afraid of the camera. SMILE and do not shrink back as a camera comes towards you, this is your time!
  • Also reach out to journalists offline, newspaper and magazine editors are very powerful. Simply form an ORGANIC bond with them based on similar interests and passions.
  • Listen to the radio, read, and watch; find out what is going on, what’s hot, what people are talking about.



Now that you have their attention, here is the next phase; getting your story straight. What was all the networking for?

  • Offer to contribute to blogs and newspaper content. They could always use the extra material and it is a way to be constantly in the minds of consumers and showcase your expertise.
  • Say YES to most opportunities that would have you in the limelight. Again, SMILE!
  • Keep it short and sweet. What is the problem and how will YOU solve it? Remember, it is not about YOU at this stage.
  • Invite people to join your cause, real life accounts and stories SELL products and incite interest in causes.
  • Forget numbers, those are for investors. Think VISUALS; disseminate images constantly through paid and earned marketing/advertising channels. From TV if you can afford it to social media platforms and emails.
  • Events are always a great way to give back. Show people a good time and watch them let their guard down.
  • Please no cold-calls or pitchy emails; they are annoying.
  • Be VERY mindful of your calendar, as each phase must be timed. It will be soon time to move to the next stage, the SALE.


  • Now here is the awkward part, converting. Actually asking for money. Deals are always a great start to launch the cause/product.
  • Continue to document your progress through established links, a personal blog, website and social media. People want to know if they have made the right decision by patronizing your business. Never drop your guard.
  • Little forms of gratitude go a long way. Show people you have appreciated their business with quaint emails, discounts, deals, hampers and promos. Everyone likes to feel good!


Once again do not be intimidated by these steps. Follow each phase and adapt it to suit your needs and objectives. We shall be in the comments section, waiting to help out with more questions. For further details on how to take your company to the next level, simply contact us HERE! Also do not forget to share this someone or would need it, always trust Ellae Creative.

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