Packaging Your Brand Image

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Your company image is all about the appearance of your packaging. What is your company image saying to the marketplace? Branding is your identity in the marketplace, is yours saying what it should?

It’s important to note that packaging always either has a negative or positive influence on the Client/Customer. A negative impression can detour a potential customer, just as a positive reaction can influence a customer to buy.

A time to pay special attention to your packaging is when you are in the launch of a “new” brand. If you’ve already built a strong brand that others recognize often people may not pay as close attention to the packaging.

How can you package your brand so that it is an integral part of your business and represents a strong identity? Keep in mind that packaging is not only a box that contains a product, but a vehicle that reflects your company’s brand and image. Packaging can be judged and represented by the following business tools:

  • business cards and stationery
  • answering system
  • email address
  • web site

What image are you putting across with these business tools that you use every day? What are they saying about your company? Let’s take a look at each one of these.

Business Cards and Stationery. What are your business cards and stationery saying? Are they saying we are strong, we are confident, and we can succeed in helping you? Or does it reflect an image that says we are flimsy, our dynamics are minimal, and we will try but we cannot guarantee continuity?

Answering System. What does your answering system and call return policy say about your company? Does it say we are here to help, eager for your business and will do what it takes? Or is it putting across the message that you are too busy to cater to new clientele, don’t care about their needs, and wish they would just quit calling?

Email Address. What does your email address say about your company? Does it suggest your role in the company, is it easy to remember, and does it say something about you and your business? Or does it project a meaningless or generic emptiness? If you are using the email address for your business dealings…………….it’s time to re-brand!!!!!

Website. What does your web site say about your company? Does it reflect professionalism, clarity, and show them that you respect and care about them? Or does your web site confuse viewers, project an untrustworthy image of your company and ultimately drive potential customers away?

All these things speak volumes about your brand identity and they either strengthen or weaken your brand. Your image is all in the packaging. Would potential clients take a second look or is your message getting lost? If you think these things are not worth the investment or don’t matter, you are wrong. Clients and customers always makes assessments of your company based on these things, a customer’s appraisal says much about your business, your attitude and your priorities.


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