PPC vs. SEO: Which Of These Online Methods Is Best For Your Brand?

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As a brand, business one of your top priorities is boosting traffic on your website to increase sales, the 2 basic options one has to achieve this comes in form of pay per click adverts (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO). One can pay for website traffic using PPC adverts which can be provided by the very popular Google Adwords or on Yahoo Search Marketing.

As discussed in passed blog posts, PPC adverts enable display ads and keywords sponsored in your PPC campaign to appear in search engine results page effortlessly and automatically. This, as you might imagine, comes at a fee; based on how competitive your chosen words are.

Another alternative to PPC Adverts can be found in search engine optimisation; the more organic method to build traffic on web pages. This is free of charge and may take a while before the results show but it is all worth the wait. So which is best for your business? Let us explore the two methods below with some key business features to consider…

  1. Are you a small or large business and do you have an online advertising budget in lace? For much larger companies with a budget allocated to these sorts of ventures, with smaller businesses this may be a unachievable due to daily spending. However note, as a small business who wishes to take on an online budget with daily spend, you can limit your spending as low as you like but it is always good to start small. For smaller enterprises, look to building your online presence initially using the organic SEO method, which is free. If there is capital available, it is advisable to do both!
  1. Are you looking for quick conversions? We understand that in business, time is money. So a business may not have the time wait on the SEO results to kick in. If your aim is to sell, sell, sell; then we advise you to take on the immediate and very widespread PPC ads method.
  1. One big issue with SEO that may also be the reason for its slow effect is the constant algorithm updates. When these changes occur, sites that we thought were optimised and ready to go at times can lose rankings online due to update criteria. Take for example the recent Google update, we saw some websites losing rankings almost instantly. But when you pay for traffic, Google sticks to their end of the bargain and you are assured a steady influx of online visitors and exposure.
  1. How competitive is your industry? Once again going back to the topic of time and money. For competitive industries one may find that certain companies are already using the keywords that would be great for your brands exposure. This is usually difficult to overturn without a significant of time and money spent. It is best to use that money towards SEO.


If we are being practical, in a nutshell, both methods are equally as strong as the other and should be used in equal capacity. When combined, SEO and PPC can be quite a force to reckon with, making your brand exposure seamless and unstoppable. Sit down with company representatives and go through the listed pointers at the top so as determine what avenue to go when venturing into the online space.

At Ellae Creative we strive to please our clients and always look to create original, creative and unforgettable marketing strategy. For more information kindly click HERE and schedule a sit down with our readily available team of experts. Allow us assist in taking your brand to the next level on any playing field. Remember to always trust Ellae Creative; we have always got you covered! 

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