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Content Marketing is an exciting and strategic way for a small and medium scale businesses to grow online but it can also be an ardous task and ultimately a waste of resources if your business makes the obvious mistakes usually associated with content marketing.

In this post, we will highlight and discuss 5 major content marketing mistakes and how your business can avoid them on its way to success online.

  1. IT IS NOT QUANTITY BUT QUALITY THAT MATTERS : This is a major mistake a lot of companies make with content marketing. They seem to believe that the more content they churn on a daily basis the more loyal following they develop. This is not necessarily true. While a lot of high quality content will gain more dedicated followers a lot of irrelevant content will not.

With Content Marketing, it pays to be patient. Take your time, understand your audience, know what they want and when they want it and just give it to them. Putting the right content at the right time to the right people is a major win that every content marketer hopes to achieve and so it is very important to put a lot of thought into the quality not necessarily the quantity of content you share.


Yes we know it is very hard if not impossible to maintain a vibrant presence across all social media which means there is usually one that stands out for your brand. One that it relies on heavily. But you must avoid that common error of using only that medium and largely ignoring the other ones.

Different demographics are active on different social media and so depending on the business or service that your brand provides, it is in your best interest to leverage on all these networks in order to grow.

It is wise to utilize that channel that your brand uses strongly to create awareness for your other channels. This is the easiest and simplest way to grow them. You can also repurpose your content to better suit the needs of your audience in each of these platforms so you can get better mileage.


Almost every brand out there has at some point been guilty of this particular mistake in the early days of the internet when the world was still catching up. Nowadays, almost every teen can use a smart phone and knows how to navigate the search engines.

Writing for a general audience means writing for no one in particular.  There is no specific target for your key messaging. It is alright if all you want to do is pass along some general information about your business once in a while but if your content marketing efforts is to reap huge benefits you must identify and segment your audience and write to suit their respective needs.

The concept of buyer personas which we introduced in the creating content that engage and convert post comes in handy here and is recommended as a good strategy to use so as to avoid making this obvious mistake.


Again, this mistake is related to writing for a general audience. It is recommended to narrow your content to a niche audience that you wish to target. Writing on a broad range of topics will not showcase your expertise across those areas but narrowing it down will.

You can then expand and broaden your scope at a future date when you started getting traction for what you share.


Digital marketing world evolves at such a rapid pace. You cannot afford to remain static, doing the same things over and over again, getting the same results and wishing it could be otherwise.

You have to be to up to the task at hand in order to succeed after all nothing good comes easy. You should constantly update your strategies, try out new experiments or techniques , check out new mediums, leverage across different networks and take advantage of new and emerging trends. That is a good way to stay ahead and relevant.

So there you have it our tips on how you can avoid the obvious errors associated with content marketing. Do you think there are points we missed out on ? Kindly use the comments sections to get in touch.

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