Put Your Money Where Your Brand Is

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So you’re thinking of starting up new or rebranding your existing business, what’s the first thing that comes to mind on your list of branding needs?  An awesome logo right? Wrong! Before you get to commissioning a designer and showing off that cool logo to everyone on your social media, you need to understand that what you need is a BRAND IDENTITY. One common misconception businesses make is thinking it’s just about a spanking new logo. Your brand is not just a logo.

By definition, a “brand” is how others collectively perceive you/your business. When you build a brand you are influencing perception. While a company may own and create a brand, the brand actually lives out in the world, in the mind of your customers. You use the many touch-points of your brand and interactions with customers to influence minds, behaviours and perceptions. Your logo and other brand images will take a bearing from the brand identity. It’s like a big tree with many branches, your brand identity should be the root of your business, where other branches like marketing, sales, production even human resources take nourishment and sustenance.


A winning brand identity guarantees that every person that comes in contact with your brand will find it hard to forget and you will be the first to come to mind when there is a need. Think of any popular product you use, the reason why you opt for that product out of the many options available can be tied to many reasons that all take anchor from the brand identity. Take your time to reflect on why you like a particular drink, for instance, it’s probably because of many engagements you’ve had with the brand, either via a billboard, a commercial, a unique selling proposition that the drink offers among many other things, all birthed from the brand identity.

A brand strategy is the roadmap that guides you in creating a lasting impression, it involves a schedule, a work plan, a campaign and every other resources necessary for market domination, all based on information gotten from well executed research and surveys that helps to know who your prospective clients are, what they want, where they are and ultimately how to get to them with what you have to offer, this information will influence your brand positioning i.e. where your brand currently stands and where you intend to take it. your brand positioning is like creating a mental picture of your brand and doing everything to make your brand look exactly or even better than that picture. I hope you get the picture.

Set up shop with a solid brand strategy based on a world-class brand positioning, build for yourself a niche that your prospective clients can relate with and your business can grow on. This is a model that many brands have adopted and has worked for them in new business environments. Study the market, develop a strategy based on their positioning then launch the brand. Brands like Uber, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Netflix and many others all pushed to us a brand before they pushed a product. And since we could relate with their brands it was easy to accept their products.


Before you go on investing in that business, get a world-class, award-winning branding agency to help you develop a brand identity, a brand strategy and a brand positioning for your business, then you can put all your money where your brand identity is and we guarantee you a winning result.


Your brand deserves to be seen, felt and understood.

Let’s help you Create a winning Brand Identity

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