SEO and the Blog: An Original Love Story

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Tale as old as time, well, not as old as time; possibly as far back as the beginning of Google Search. Developing a share-worthy, interesting blog post goes a bit further than amazing writing skills. Although that is important to any successful blog, we must not forget the primary factor of a successful blog site, an impressive search engine optimisation strategy (SEO). SEO and blogging go together like garri and groundnut {preferably with ice block}.

SEO can simply be defined as a three letter acronym, short for Search Engine Optimisation; a process to enable blogs and webpages rank higher in search engines. Being easy to find online enables customer retention, flowing web traffic and an increased awareness of your blog in a sea of a million other blogs similar to your own. Here are 5 easy SEO tips that can make a difference to your blog ranking and your web traffic as a whole, let’s get them clamouring to your platform!

  1. First off, find out what platform works best for you. There are an array of blogging platforms like WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr, Ghost and more. Within these platforms are plugins to automatically help with your online SEO, for more information click HERE for WordPress or HERE for BlogSpot.
  2. Content matters! Write, create or put forth share worthy content. What are people talking about right now? What do people care about right now? Tap into the psyche of your desired audience before you hit your keyboard.
  3. Use lists. Lists work, as they are easy to grasp and understand, especially for those on the go. Lists get your point across as quickly as possible.
  4. Key Words. Remember to use as many keywords that describe your business over and over again, back to back, in every blog post. For example, blogging about parenthood; if you use the word or phrase “Naija Parenthood” enough times in your blog posts, Google can easily pick up on these keywords when searched by a 3rd  party, automatically linking this 3rd party individual to your blog. Also feel free to tie as many keywords to your blog as possible.
  5. Provide Meta Tags! Tag your work for good measure.
  6. Place links to your blog site and posts on all relevant social media platforms, encouraging clicks and shares.
  7. Place social media icons in clear view of the reader once they are reading your post. This prompts them to share the content unto their own social media pages, allowing their followers to see and therefore exposing your blog to a wider audience.

This is just the beginning of your blogging journey and Ellae Creative will be ever present to provide more information and tips on how to excel in this new industry. Just beginning your blogging career? Click HERE to know more about what it takes to set up a successful, long lasting blog site. For the next steps in blogging and monetizing your content, you have the opportunity to join our Training Programme and #Learn2Earn!

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