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Starting up a blog for a business can be a daunting prospect especially in this digital era where millions of resources or contents filter into the internet on a daily basis. Getting found by the right customers can be quite challenging. It takes considerable efforts into curating the best possible content and a lot more than social media integration to improve your traffic.

In this article, we will discuss smart ways you can use to not only improve your traffic but also retain visitors who check out your blog and eventually convert them to loyal customers. Sounds interesting? read on….


The power of social media cannot be over emphasized. It is such an important tool these days to use when connecting with customers online. It is very important to integrate social sharing buttons on your blog so that when people read and like your content, they can easily share it on their networks so that their friends can also see it. This is an easy way to make contents viral especially if your blog churns out those killer contents that wows users on a regular basis


In growing a blog community, you need to understand your audience and what content they are really looking for? Think about them as you think about topics you want to post. What are their pain points ? Produce contents that address these issues, that is a very good way to make your blog very useful. You earn their trust by so doing and they can quite easily do business with you if they trust you.

It is also important to engage and recognize your readers. Find ways to ask them to interact and participate directly on your business blog as well as the other social media and networking channels. Reward and recognize the kind of participation you’re after. The simple satisfaction of contributing and being recognized is one of the most powerful strategies when developing a strong blog community.


We are in such an era that people consume contents in so many different ways. It is wise to think of how you can re-purpose existing contents into other formats. For instance, think of how you can create

podcasts : by reading out the blog post aloud and then updating on itunes or sound cloud

ebook: by turning series of posts into an ebook, available for download in PDF format

Slide Presentation : by creating a slide share out of your post and uploading it to slideshare

This strategy has an over reaching effect of having your contents in such platforms that your blog site would not have ordinarily reached and is a good way to bring in quality traffic.


If your blog posts don’t load right away, your visitors are going to leave and find another source of content that loads immediately. A slow loading website will push your visitors to your competitors. Consumers demand fast websites, so discuss with your web developer to apply the necessary changes required to increase your page load time. A good resource for this is the google page load insights.

There is also a very good chance that the majority of your blog visitors are arriving via mobile devices. Thus, it is very important that your website provides a pleasant mobile experience. If a visitor has to zoom in and out as well as manipulate the screen position in order to interact with your content they aren’t going to return or share it via social media. So it is imperative to make sure that your blog is optimized for mobile so as not to miss out on quality traffic.


Building relationships with other websites and bloggers within your industry is a great way to get more exposure as well as referral traffic. Inter linking your own blog posts  is good for your SEO and keeps visitors on your website longer, but you need to link out to other websites as well.

Linking out to other high quality and relevant websites shows Google that your content is on par with the resources you are linking to and it also helps to build relationships with those sites. A good rule of thumb: link out to websites that you want to build a relationship with and provide value to your readers. This can result in future earned links as well as guest posting opportunities.

So there you have it, our tips to help you improve traffic to your blog. Do you think we missed on some important tips? kindly use the comment section below to share your views, we always look forward to hearing from you

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