Social Media: Breath Life Into A Traditional or “Boring” Brand

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Not to say your brand or business is boring, but we usually have an idea of how interesting our services are by customer interaction and reaction to your brand. What can be said for traditional or lacklustre industries is they make the world go round, the most mundane of services is needed and expected by all.

Take for example, the service of an accountant, snooze but you do need to keep your finances in check, especially as we get older. Other mundane services we cannot do without, dentists, morticians, pension officers, teaching and a whole lot more. As a brand take advantage of this angle, the fact that people NEED your company services. Here are some easy points to help your business leverage on this key fact, remember, the public NEED you.

  • So now that we have established one key fact, understand that your service is needed. But one thing you have to remember on social media as stated in an older post HERE, it is not about your company, services or sealing a deal. Win over social media users by genuinely adding value and getting to know your community.
  • Educate online communities about your brand and services, avoid a lecture, but you can come with witty or engaging activities to get people interested in your products. For example, for a mortician; death would be a somber, almost tedious conversation to have, how do you glamourise death?! That is already an angle that could be used by a similar brand, explore public opinion on death, when you die where do you go? How do you talk to your children about death? There are tons of angles that can be used by your company no matter how unexciting your services are, there is an audience for you.
  • Join the conversation and also leverage on viral content, what are people in your community buzzing about. Memes are big right now on social media, they are funny and relatable, adopt this online trend and watch your engagement levels grow!
  • Become a go-to-source; pushing out educational content will position you in your industry as experts in your field. Encourage questions from online users on various social channels, over time building anticipation among online users. Use online engines such as Quora to engage your followers with questions about your industry, themselves or better yet product.
  • Take your followers behind the scenes; give the content an “all-access-pass” feel. Create some mystery surrounding your industry and services, what really goes on at a telecoms company customer service desk? Take your online audience behind, closer to unraveling the mystery; this builds trust.

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