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We have all heard the buzz surrounding brands incorporating social media into their yearly marketing strategy. Some have it right, others do not and other businesses are just skeptical. So what is the truth about social media and is it a avenue that is really worth exploring? Our answer to you is YES. Kindly read through our break down for better insight… 

Myth 1: Everybody is on social media right now.

Fact 1: Social media is a powerful tool but do not assume everybody is on there. Your customers will have different lifestyles, priorities and schedules therefore they will not all use social media in the same capacity. However a majority of people if not all are DIGITAL, so can be reached via email marketing


Myth 2: The more content on my pages, the better.

Fact 2: No, not really. Quality content is a lot better and to the point than long winded, wordy, voluminous content. People are busy and time is precious, keep it short but sweet.


Myth 3: Social Media is like a popularity contest, the more followers, the better my business looks.

Fact 3: Your main concern should be relevance and that the right people are following your pages. Social Media aids conversions through engagement, retweets and shares. What is the use of a bulk of followers if a good portion of them aren’t spreading your brand message?


Myth 4: Social Media cannot be measured and is a waste on investments.

Fact 4: There are many available online tools one can use to measure social media engagement and conversions. For more on social media metrics and measurement, kindly click HERE.


Myth 5: Social Media is intrusive and can make my company vulnerable to competitors and negative feedback.

Fact 5: There really is no such thing as negative feedback and vulnerability to some degree can be a good thing. Social media has the ability to humanize a super brand or big business. People want to know what makes you different and why you should be trusted. Allow mistakes to be made and use social media to redeem yourself. Learn how customers honestly feel about your product and services. Use what many see as a weakness and turn it into strength.

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