The 3 M’s : The Secret To A Sound Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing goes way beyond a tweet or a cute picture. The key to any successful digital marketing plan is clear strategy. The skepticism attached to digital marketing in the Nigerian market is acknowledgeable; there is still a lot of mystery attached to taking a brand into the digital space. How do you justify a tweet? If a picture is posted what is the guarantee it will be seen and the product will be bought? Guess what, you need a digital marketing strategy!    

A sound digital marketing strategy is a great to keep your brand or cause organised as well as viewing your brands ROI (return of investments). We at Ellae Creative use a very simple formula of  the “3 M’s“; material, monitor and measure.

Material: The pinnacle of every great digital marketing strategy is even greater content, although it is not all you need to succeed online. Develop relevant and interesting content for your industry and watch the traffic on your pages and site triple overnight!

Monitor: After you make that mazing content, what next? Tracking the movement of your engagement should be the next phase in your digital marketing strategy. How many people viewed your website? How many clicks have you gotten on your promoted links? How many people have used your designated hashtag so far? Likes and shares aside, monitoring the movement of your hashtags, mentions, impressions and links allows you to see how many people are truly interacting with your content.

Measure: At the end of the campaign or at every months end, you would like to know how far your digital investment has spread online. There are many tools, free and paid for, that can be found online to measure your brands engagement activities and support your monthly ROI measurements. There are tools that can also recommend influencers in your audience so you can target and empower them to become advocates for your brand. With the correct measuring tool, you can put together an effective report, giving insight into a concise plan of action for the next month or the next online branding campaign.

We shall discuss the best tools for online measurement in our next blog post. For an elementary understanding of Digital Marketing, click HERE and have a read. For a chance to work with Ellae Creative, taking your brand into the online space, please contact us to schedule a sit down. Do not forget, we at Ellae Creative care about your brands internal, external AND visual presentation; you can always count on us to deliver excellent, world-class services. 



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