THE BIG 3: Adobe Illustrator vs. Adobe InDesign vs. Adobe Photoshop

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Creative professionals in the industry are at a point where there are so many tools at their fingertips. Every other day, a new software makes its debut on the market. Graphic designers can either test the waters and try it out or remain loyal to an old faithful. One thing however remains constant, the diversity, prestige and capabilities of the Adobe Suite package.

For Nigerian based graphic designers, there is still an attachment to the reliable but dated design application. To produce creative work of international standard, graphic designers are opting to learn about Adobe Suite. Many world-class, internationally based firms use systems that does not support the Corel Draw software. They have moved on.

Here are some pointers to give you a brief introduction to the Adobe Suite package, discussing the capabilities of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustration and Adobe Photoshop.


Great for layering out printed material and is a text-based software. Great for multipage layouts and reoccurring themes, with wrap text functionality. The software has the ability to manipulate text form and can easily be used to design brochures, newsletter, ads, business cards, websites or eBooks. The idea behind InDesign was simply to take the elements created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, housing them in one place. Also compatible with printers, InDesign packages your fonts, texts and work in the exact manner intended for printing.

InDesign is not a magic bean, so there will be some shortcomings to the software. It has no photo editing abilities and its graphic art abilities are not as competent as that of Illustrator.



Illustrator is great for creating and editing vector based images such as logos, brand marks and other design elements. Illustrator allows for the creation of multi-page documents such as brochures and reports, very much like InDesign. However Illustrator does not have the tools to automate page numbers like InDesign, making the act almost futile. Who wants a company brochure with no page numbers?!



We all should know Adobe Photoshop pretty well due to the ready access to Pop Culture, Instagram and the countless fashion magazines. The software was originally developed as a tool to enhance photographic images in the late 1980s. But over time, the programs functionality has grown to the point where it can create, user interface designs, web pages, banner ads, video graphics and so much more. However Photoshop is not a one-stop shop or a substitute for InDesign and/or Illustrator. Photoshop may have design abilities but cannot create logos, it is a pixel based application; a logo created with Photoshop cannot be enlarged or manipulated as an Illustrator based logo can. To use Photoshop for text based designs will also cost you money and valuable time. The Photoshop designed text will first off come out heavily pixelated when printed, rendering it useless.


Hopefully this break down has been useful in inspiring a change of heart amongst our Nigerian graphic artists. Adobe Suite is extremely diverse and while we have only scratched the surface in stating each software’s capabilities. You have the opportunity to learn and be certified in these applications with the Ellae Creative Training Programme. For further information, click HERE to unlock and develop your design abilities.

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