The Most Unusual and Effective Ways to Find a Job

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There will always be more job seekers than employers. Therefore, the most important thing, even if you are a super professional specialist, is to stand out from the crowd so that the potential employer notices you. Your task is to attract the employer’s attention to yourself and your professional skills.

We’re offering you several creative ways to find a new job based on real stories of successful applicants around the world!

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Google contextual advertising


In order to attract the attention of the managers from the advertising agencies, launch an advertising campaign in Google.
The AA managers often wonder what is written about their company on the Internet. Create ads that appear above the search results so that the top managers could see them when they type their company’s name in the search engine!

Advertising on Facebook

If you do not want to get into all the intricacies of advertising on Google, you can choose a simpler option instead. The ads posted on FB can easily be seen by the marketing directors of large companies!


You can really buy everything on eBay, even employees. Offer yourself at the eBay auction with an initial bet of $ ***. This crazy (or creative?) trick has already helped dozens of job seekers to attract attention and receive job offers.



Original billboards in the city center with the text like “Save me from emigration”, “A professional is starving” and links to your social profile have done their job multiple times.
Their authors received a myriad of job offers and prizes for originality. It’s true that advertising in the city center is not cheap, but it is a justified investment into your future prosperity!




Who said that a Christmas garland is not an advertising tool?
On the eve of the holiday, instead of festive greetings, create a text like “My dream is to work in the field of HR” on the wall of your house with the help of garlands and add your Linkedin profile. And be sure to get a gift for Christmas!

Follow the rabbit

TaskRabbit is a site where users can ask others to help them with some kind of daily work for a reward (e.g. pick up things from the laundry, go to the store).
There has been a new interesting usage of the service that you can also try: ask to help you meet with someone from the employees of the company where you want to work. The practice shows that many employers really appreciate the creative approach.
These are just a few examples of the applicants’ inventiveness and non-standard approach in the search for work. Use them or come up with an even better one!


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