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In this digital era, companies are always looking to recruit Graphic Designers. What makes them most sought out for is due to the fact that their work enhance the visual appeal and give life to their advertising efforts and as we all know nothing is more powerful to the eyes and brain than pictures. They are immersive, evocative and stimulating. As someone looking to build a career in Graphic design, it will take some time to attain that level of expertise that will stand you out in the industry but by working hard and doing your best you will surely get there.

To get you started, here are some tips that will help you build a successful career in Graphic Design


This isn’t about your career destination, but your career direction. Think about where you are heading. What do you love doing? Be open to learning and to new ideas. And once you’ve worked that out, get good at it! Train. Practice. Learn. Rehearse. Your raw talent and passion need shaping.

There are essential Graphic design softwares such as Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and illustrator, learn how to use them. Mastering the use of  such softwares will equip you with requisite skills that graphic design employers are looking for.


Being talented in graphic design is not just enough to become a successful graphic designer. You have to learn the basics and the rules at a design school, an online course, or university to master the craft and earn a certificate. These skills are necessary to gain prospective employers. They would prefer a graphic designer who can back up talent with credentials. If you can’t prove your skills to them, it’s unlikely they will hire you.


Be on the look for current trend. Look for areas of demand, or that might be growing.

There are so many events and activities going on around that requires someone with graphic skills. Take advantage of such opportunities and showcase your skills. Put your own spin on it. Look for the trends and then advance them. it only get better from then on


Graphic design as field of study offers a wide range of different areas and angles to explore. While it is good be well versed in all of these aspects, pursuing a particular area of interest in graphic design helps position you and set you apart from others. You’ll stand out among the jack-of-all-trades and attract clients or recruiters who need your peculiar skill. If you specialize in a unique style of design then you will bring added value in skills to help you land your job and keep it.


An online portfolio is a catalogue which showcases your skills and creativity in the digital space. Make yours by curating them online. Then, go one step further by posting or promoting this online portfolio on your social media pages or blog.

This will increase your online presence and visibility as graphic designer. In this era where almost every company exist or have a presence in the digital space, creating an online profile is easily an effective way for clients to find you not to mention the value it to your job application. This step is also a reflection of your professional growth and will allow you to see what you’ve accomplished and identify what you might need to improve on.

So there you have it, our tips that will help you build a successful Graphic Design career. Do you think there are others we may have left out? feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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