Vital Signs That You need Digital Marketing

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Like a pimple on the face of a teenager, businesses are popping up everywhere, every corner has a stall and today, the internet has made it even easier to start a business. But despite the sporadic rate that businesses spring up, many of them are doomed to fail even before they begin. I hate to be the one singing the doom theme song, but it’s a sad reality. Many business owners are yet to grasp the importance of digital marketing and how it influences the growth of their businesses. So, yes! your business may be dying and every second you spend reading this, you may be losing another customer, But before you hurry on to check your customer database (If you have one), let us go over the vital signs to look out for to know if your business needs a digital marketing resuscitation.

Business is Offline: If your business is yet to take the quantum leap into the digital age, your business may be struggling to keep with the times, and you may be having a hard time getting new customers. You want to save your business, I’ll advise that you take your business online, start with an account on social media, a website and then get your business listed on #googlemybusiness, that is just a first aid move, there’s still a lot to be done, but that will be determined by the other vital signs.

No Engagement: saving your business will take a lot more than just getting a website, you need people to visit the site, interact with your platforms and give you feedbacks, no engagement online is another way of saying no one knows you or wants to know about you, this is not good for business. I will advise a good dose of social media management, Build contents for your brand and be consistent with it, create a brand identity that resonates your brand value and then use the social media platforms to convey that message throughout the various platforms. The best treatment for such a condition is to get prescribed contents for your business.

Boring Experience: The typical audience reacts to sights and sounds, especially in the digital age where there are lots of brand begging for attention, it takes a well thought out creative design to get the attention of your audience, if your content does little or none of that then we have a problem, at best your audience will glance through your various brand touchpoints and move on to the next big thing. Oh, wait! you thought you were the next big thing? Well, it doesn’t look like it. You need to invest in the look and feel of your business, using engaging images and illustrations, infographic materials, simple use of colors that excites and incites curiosity, you need to have a properly managed line up of designs and creative copies to go with the images. That’s a perfect combination to treat a terrible case of boring content. Remember, if signs persist consult a digital marketing strategist.

No Idea of your Audience: It is very important for a business to be built on the foreknowledge of who the target audience is, who you are out to cater to and those who are just subordinates. In the event that you are yet to figure that out, then that explains a lot about the current state of your business. Luckily, you would be doing something about that now, right?

Your target audiences are one group and many groups of people your products are designed for, or the people that patronize your products. An online makeup accessories stores, for example, should be aware that most Its target audience is female, not just female but also between particular age range, this should guide the communication method, the brand tone and voice, the creative designs and the content created, this enables it to tailor contents with the target audience in mind and like every personal mail, people will not have a choice but to respond. So, get to know your target audience, who you want to reach out to, how they look, their average life, and build your content around that.

Cannot Track your growth: there is nothing as impairing as not having insight especially when it comes to business, if you don’t have the data of your business growth, then you know you are working blind, it is important that you see where your business is headed, see the resultant impact of your strategies and marketing endeavors. This information helps you make a guided decision that reflects on your business performance. Using social media insights interface, analytics software, you can translate an activity as simple as clicking a link to a credible piece of information that determines the kind of product you will introduce next or if there’s need for you to consider another approach. The world lives on information and the internet has made this information accessible at the click of a button, so how about you take advantage of this tools to monitor your business growth, to get an overview of what exactly your customers do when they visit your website, know if you have new leads or if your ads are getting more clicks than you anticipate. This is one of the things that makes doing business in the digital space seamless and detailed. Help yourself to a good shot of insights and your business will be guided on the next best move to make.

Losing Followers: If you have your insights running well, you can always tell if your client’s database is increasing or reducing. Your followers (by followers, I mean people that come in contact with your brand not necessarily on any particular platform) are people who are loyal to your brand, people who know about you and what to be associated with that, your competitors, your paying customers. So how do you discern which is worth shedding tears over, the answer is simple, all of them, every follower you have is a potential client and a potential promoter for your brand, therefore losing a follower is like losing a potential opportunity for your business. Now, let’s talk business, how do you ensure that your followers stay with you through the thick and thin, come rain or sun, it’s easy, you give them something they to always look forward to. A contest, a promotion, a giveaway, a feature or partnership, always ensure that you are giving value through your brand, every one of your audience interacts with value, and if you can show them that you offer value, they would be happy to associate with you. Now the value can come in many ways, but it must be aligned with your brand, for example, a News company will ensure that they provide trusted information on time, this is what keeps their followers growing. So, if you want to grow your reach, don’t just focus on the money, focus on the value you are adding and see how you get loyal brand followers in return.

If vital signs continue to depreciate after reading this, then you agree with me that you need the services of a digital marketing strategist.

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