Web Designer or Web Building Site: Which Can My Business Confide In?

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Website builders can be seen as “heaven sent” to the not-so-tech savvy, lay men and small business owners. What was once an alien skill has now been placed into templates and one can simply click, upload and type their way to a brand new website. However there are certain aspects of web design that web building sites such as Wix, Weebly and others alike, cannot touch. The most important question you must ask yourself as a business owner or professional; what do “I” need to make my business or project grow and excel?

For the non-techs something such as a web builder is a gift to them; no coding, no FTP handling (steady on, do not zone out), domain name registration and a lot more. But as professionals we must be prompted to tell you that you are in the long run better off hiring an experienced web designer. Common problems occur when managing a website; transferring websites to different hosts, limited features and much more. Let us look at each common problem in further detail…

  • Transferring files are a common problem with web building sites, take a web builder such as Weebly for example have issues in transferring features like blog pages, shopping systems are unable to move to another web server if need be, especially if you are e-commerce based business. With a web designer all features that you need can be easily moved around at your convenience and honestly you would not have any real need to use another web server.
  • How cost effective are website building sites when are you look at things n thee long run? Let us say web buildings sites for N10 a month and your everyday web designer fee is N100. If your business ran on the web-building site for 2 years, you would have paid double your web designer fees in monthly subscriptions. In the end the numbers add up, costing more than paying the one time web design fee.

So what is our verdict? We shall not be biased but truthful; tis decision is solely based on your needs as a business. As mentioned in the fore paragraphs, if you are small business with minimal needs, you are more focused on a steady income as opposed to an overly techy webpage built by a web designer. You are better off with a web-building site.

Bare in mind that if you are an online store, news site, membership website, forum or generally a feature-heavy based site; we recommend you seek the help of a professional.

In the end your ultimate concern with a website is to be ale to keep up with your business and archive its growth. Unfortunately by using web building sites can hinder this process.

For further tips on how Ellae Creative can impact your journey as a business, reach out to us HERE for a sit down or consultation. We also offer web design training courses for non-techies using Word Press on our monthly training programme.  Remember to always trust Ellae Creative, we have always got you covered.

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